Elbow Pain vs. Paddle Feather?

On two recent longer paddles I have experienced pain in my right elbow on the “push phase” to the extent that I could only use my right hand as a pivot point. The pull phase was fine with my elbow.

Paddle used, a bent shaft carbon, feather at 60 degrees.

Today I took my GP out of storage. I have never made friends with it, but thanks to a paddling friend’s tips we got along much better today. Today’s paddle was not as long as the previous ones that caused pain but a good distance. It did get me thinking that the feather in my euro could be causing the pain.

Just wondering if this sounds familier to anyone?

Thanks, GH

Maybe blade size as well as length?
I once took the advice of Derek Hutchison and purchased a Toksook( one of Nystroms 7 deadly sins) in 230 with 90 deg feather. It went about 2 months later due to severe left elbow pain.

Same euro for 2 years.
When it first flared up was on a 20+ miler in rough conditions… Maybe just old age…

It’s called old age Rick !


Could be a co-ink-a-dink
But going from a straight shaft to an AT Xception with a gentle crank my “elboitis” nearly disappeared. Since I started using a GP, I do not recall even the smallest twinge. Could be onto something here.


Ditto your last comment
I had a flaring up of my wrist a while back so I took the suggestion of unfeathering my paddle - problem went away. I only use a Greenland paddle now with my Skerray I purchased a few years ago. Never been happier with the change. I now rotate between my storm paddle and GP to prevent wear and tear on body parts during long trips, and yes age has a factor.


Both sides or just one ???

My pain was in my NON-control elbow.


How about a single blade?
I know most won’t like to hear this but a short single blade paddle works great in a kayak and uses completely different muscles than the double blade. I’ve had a lot of fun with it and it lets you rest your tired or sore joints while you are still moving along pretty well.

Furthermore, it stores on deck easily so if you double breaks while in the rough stuff, your spare can be right there in front of you.

Right, and then
You can practice “sit and switch” and pretty soon we will completely convert you.

When we get down there you can borrow one of my ZRE bent shaft ultralight ones or a Black Bart. You can even take the Jensen solo or I’ll make a bow paddler out of you.



Aready do…
…a fair amount of single blade paddling through some of these tight mangrove tunnels. Just can’t get it to go straight… Doing those with the GP might get interesting.

Like I said quite a while back GH - only a matter of time… :wink:

A storm paddle works really nice in the tunnels too.

That Kaliste is probably the sweetest EPs I’ve tried - and I always feather Euros - but still couldn’t wait to get back to my Superior Carbon GP.

When I hear or people trying GPs for touring and not liking them three things come to mind:

  1. They have the wrong GP (they vary as much as Euros), and/or

  2. They don’t understand the grip/mechanics and don’t let the paddle do what it naturally wants to, and/or

  3. (really more of #2) They have ingrained Euro habits they need to unlearn.

    Funny thing is that someone who only paddles with a Wing and tries a GP seems to get it almost instantly. They are used to letting the paddle feel it’s way. Euro paddlers tend to slice it, not find the power, fight the cant, place hands funny, etc. I’ve seen this a few times now.

    What do you have for a GP?

Beale #213
I haven’t said much about it as I had a hard time liking it… (a beautiful paddle though)

I paddled with Charlie the other day and he helped me with the mechanics, grip and philosophy and it went a lot better. My goal is to race the Bacall in the 14 using the GP…

gotta go practice some now… later, GH

Beale’s are nice - dimensions?
I like Don’s paddles a lot. Was this one made specifc for you? That would eliminate #1 above. Charlie’s tips and water time will take care fo the rest. I found it helped to use it exclusively for a while. The narrower the hull the better I like it too.

It will be a slow year for me in the B&B as I have not been paddling much and put on weight ssince last year. LASIK has put a crimp in any last minute training as well. Shame, as I’m considering entering the new SOF (even though it would be put in Unlimited! I’d hate to have people blame the boat as at 19’8"x x19" (18’x 18" waterline) it should be quite fast, at least with a better motor!

Yes, made for me…
So I have no one else to blame. I don’t have the dimensions off hand but quite a bit thicker in the “shoulders” than Paul’s…

I just had it out and it was fun. Now I gotta get those damned footpegs out of the 14…

I like soft shoulders…
…on women and GPs!

Blade root shape fitting palm well matters as much. I have pretty small hands - but doesn’t mean I like thinner - just pickier about shapes.

Too thick anywhere, or too much shoulder hump, is easy to fix. Paul’s did seem pretty good.