Electric motor for canoes??

I am getting older and so I’m looking into putting a trolling motor on the back of my canoe for flat water use only (calm lakes/ponds). My issue is that I don’t know how many lbs of thrust to get. Does anyone out there have any advice for me? Is 17lbs enough? Is 36lbs thrust overkill? I would like it to be able to move effortlessly where I don’t feel obligated to paddle along with it. Then again, I don’t want it to be so powerful it kills the battery in 10 minutes. If you have/have had a motor on your canoe pls respond and let me know what to shoot for. My canoe is OT Guide and I already have a LL bean motor mount. Thank you in advance!

I’d get the higher thrust…
…it doesn’t cost that much more. Plus after you add you, your gear, and a heavy battery to the boat, and a case of Hamms (you’ll now be able to drink more if you don’t have to paddle), you’ll have that much more to weight to push.

Seriously, the cost of the extra thrust as you step up is only about $20. So i’d go with the 50 lbs.

I have a 17lb thrust I had on a 400lb sailboat. It worked fine. It would push me around at 2 to 3 mph. It would do even better on a canoe. Into a stiff wind, it was not great but canoes are lighter and you will also have a paddle if needed.

Look in the archives of this forum…
…since there was recent thread on canoe motors which might be helpful. I think my 36 lb is too much power. There is a “hull speed” which each craft has, I understand, and you can’t exceed it with any amount of power.

electric motor
I had one Min Kota at 30lb but let me tell you that lugging the battery will just about kill you,believe me.

Try a small 2hp Honda gas one.

I’m still thinking about trying a…
…small 12V battery, a la wheelchair-size, to reduce weight.

I have seen a "Power Paddle"
advertised by Old Town (https://crab.secure-host.com/extrasport/oldtowncanoe/catalog.php?fr_sw=0&igroup_id=20&section_id=4) It is an electric trolling motor designed specifically for canoes. Check it out.

Minkota 30 or 36
Fish all morning in the rowboat,swap it over to the heavy scanoe to run down the deep cycle befor I recharge it for the next day and it takes quiet a while to kill the battery.

When you need it the bigger motor is good to have.But you dont need to use it on full power all the time,if your like most fisherman 1st or 2nd gear is all you need and a battery will last a long time.

Deep cycle batteries are heavy but they make great ballast when you have to fish alone

Trolling Motor
Minkota 30 is what I use on my OT Guide 147 and it goes all day. Watch the shaft length, 30 in is a little too much but workable, any thing longer will be very hard to use. The OT power paddle is the same minkota motor with a shorter shaft and more $. Get the largest deep cycle battery you can find. I use Walmart’s for easy replacement.

Keep the open side up :~) Dave