Electric motor on Adventure 16

I’m wondering if anyone knows whether an electric trolling motor such as the MinnKota30 will work safely on a Mad River Adventure 16 (the molded plastic canoes)?

I use a Minn Kota 36 thrust on my Old town Penobscot 16. Works great.

Sure do
I have used up to a 3hp outboard on canoes of that size and length. Larger outboards become a little tricky with thrust and weight. Electric have never posed any problem but be sure to tie your motor off to the canoe motor bracket …since should the motor vibrate free and fall overboard. Check your connections frequently and possible tie off to a thwart. The best Canoe outboard brackets are those which connect to both gunnels and have a bracket which attachs under the gunnel they distribute the weight and hold much better. Enjoy

new MR canoe…
Seems to me your not asking if a trolling motor on a canoe will work, but rather if a trolling motor will work on this particular canoe. From the photos I’ve seen the gunnels on this new canoe look like the cockpit rim of a kayak. I would be worried that the gunnel might not be stiff enough to clamp the motor to it. Maybe putting some strips of wood on either side of the clamps would solve this.

I have never seen this boat in person, so I really don’t know.

Not on the gunnels
Although I have heard of a guy on here that does. Cool if it works. The outboard mount for a canoe that you purchase (or make) typically goes across the canoe and clamps onto the gunnels on either side. Then the motor clamps onto the protruding outboard mount on the side of the boat. Imagine a 2 by 4 riding across your boat behind your seat and sticking out on one side…

Here is a link to Old town’s version:


Davidh, I’m that guy. But, I found a nice cast aluminium bracket for forty bucks and it works wicked nice. Just use google and search all over the place. I got the minnkota 30 for my explorer 15.