Electric motor recommendations

Hi guys! I’m getting a new square stern 14 ft canoe and I want an electric motor that has lots of get up and go and plenty of run time… looking for something that I can cruise for half a day or so. My budget is about $1000 but I’m flexible. What are good options for me? Thx!

What is the name of this site?
I hope you get some help.

That is a lot of run time, which will require a lot of battery, which will weigh a lot.

Canoes handle like crap while under motor power and going against a current. They are just not a good boat for it.

Is it really the best setup for what you are looking to do?

There is no easy answer to this. The basic calculation would be to divide the battery’s amp hour rating by the motors amperage usage, assuming the battery is new and fully charged.

Of course the motor’s amp draw will depend on the speed it’s run. The boat’s speed will depend on a number of factors like hull design, how much load it’s carrying, wind, current, etc. Also, keep in mind that even with a marine deep cycle battery, you don’t want to run it down all the way or it will dramatically shorten the life of the battery.

A ball park figure from a number of sources, with average usage, 5-8 hours. Once you choose a battery and get motor specs from the manufacturer, you will have a better idea. Be aware that many motor manufacturers only give the maximum amp draw. Most battery manufacturers do not recommend discharging a deep cycle battery much below 50% on a regular basis and recharge if below 75%. Factor that in when picking a battery.