electric motor?

For an Old Town Camper.

Wife saw a couple buzz past us and she gave me the ok to get an electric motor. I just did a quick research and it looks like I shouldn’t go higher than 3hp. What does that translate into thrust? Saw a lot of Minn Kota’s on CL in the 50 and 55lb thrust. Is that to much or not enough? What about the shaft length? Think I saw 36" and 42". Opinions please. Thanks

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reading a long discussion on electrics with a background on auxiliary van electrics…

seems you need to figure where you want to go, tides and winds, typical load: for battery Ah and TSD.

the link doahn wrok

tap ‘community’ to ‘message boards’ to ‘advice,’ tap advice’ the advice… page features a nude holding a canoe paddle.

above ‘advice…’ there’s a search box enter: electric motor

and select ‘all.’

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Trolling motor
Minn Kota has a rule of thumb that: “We suggest selecting a trolling motor with at least 2 lbs of thrust for every 100 lbs of boat weight when fully loaded”… assuming 2-200lb people + 100lb boat + 100lb for the motor, battery, cooler, etc -> 600lb would mean at least 12lb of thrust.

I’d figure that max weight, then contact Minn Kota and ask them, giving them the particulars of the boat width, motor mounting method, any water current, desired speed, etc…

Our old Minn Kota 16# thrust,
scored off eBay for $40 pushes 2 of us in 53# Dagger Legend tandem (500# total w/batt) nicely at 3.5 mph on “3” of 4 speeds. Speed “4” pushed it to 4 mph, at the edge of max hull speed, but with more motor and boat noise. If you work with Minn Kota be sure to tell them you’ll be using a canoe whose hull is probably more efficient than same size fishing boat. Also shortest shaft probably fine and some cut the shaft even shorter for side or transom mount and keeping control head close to gunnel. Just have to keep motor and prop just below and clear of the bottom of the canoe. Most new trolling motors appear to start at 30# thrust now and think that should be plenty. May try to borrow one and experiment, not only with speed but battery duration. Just thoughts. R

Get oars instead. You can easily row father than the battery will last and the heavy lead battery and the metal motor will overcome the floatation and sink the boat if you swamp. I know this from experience.

Motors and batteries are: Heavy, Attractive to thieves, expensive, and likely to give out on a long trip.

Oars are: inexpensive, low maintenance, good for 25 easy miles a day, light, and with the proper skills make the boat more stable,