Electronic help needed.

I am looking for a water proof case for my xm myfi so that I can use it when I am out on the water during my exercise paddles. I like the aquapac case but I am going to need to be able to put 2 wires thru the case one for headphones and one for antenna. Any help is appreciated.

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corroborated by years of experience. If I were in your shoes, I'd go for a voyageur roll down case. I am known to take my cell phone in that case, strap it under my deck and take off in the afternoon to roll in the nearby pond. hey it's better than being at my desk. Voyageur makes a few with various ports for electronics.

I am no aquapac fan.

I like the new otter boxes.
I’ve seen some new boxes by Otter made especially for iPods. They are a hard case which I like from a protection standpoint. I’m not sure about the size you would need for an XM receiver but I bet one of them has to be close.


I’ve also used one of the voyageur roll top bags for my CD player. It had the plug in the side of the bag as stated earlier. It worked pretty good. If it wasn’t so big compared to the iPod I would probably just use it instead of getting an Otter box.