Eleven Point River Conditions

I am planning a two day camping/fishing trip to begin Tuesday 13JUL10 at Greer Spring. Yahoo weather posted a flash flood warning for Oregon County this evening. River info needed please!! Do not want to drive four hours to a muddy/flooded river.


Stacey Needham

Dresden, TN

It’s 700 cfs and rising now, but it does

not look to me like it will go into flood. Use the gauge link to check it again tomorrow.

Can’t promise anything about the water clarity, but I’ll bet it will clear fast.

Go to this link-
Great forum, mainly for fishing but if you register you can ask Brian Sloss what the river is like. I believe he owns or works at the River of Life Farm on the 11 point:


Sure enough, water level has turned
around and is headed down to what should be a reasonable level.

Unless it’s moved, the River of Life Farm is still located on the North Fork of the White River, not the Eleven Point.


O.K. Right Now
We are 2 hrs away and while Central and SW MO has had plenty of rain, we’ve been in a 6 week period of extremely dry weather. This big rain just “Replenished” things. We have more rain forecast this afternoon/evening, but shouldn’t be a flash/flood.

Had planned an overnighter today and tomorrow, but cancelled it due to a family member in the hospital. May get over there for a day-trip myself tomorrow. What time you planning on being there?

Nice link, glorydaze! But, River of Life is on the Northfork, and Myron McKee is the owner of ROLF. VERY nice place if you get over that way. I’m thinking one of their cabins would be a nice place to ponder the arrival of the “Big 5-0” for me next month (LOL)!

Here’s a link to the gauge on the Eleven Point. I have all my paddling spots in my “Favorites.” WW



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Just noticed g2d had the link already. Why is my link so much longer? WW

'cause you’re excited.

Got my rivers mixed up- well, at least I got the fact right they are both rivers.

Yup, talking about our Ozark rivers tends to do that to me (LOL)! WW

Eleven Point
I was just on the Point yesterday. Yeah, it has been a drought in much of the Eleven Point watershed. We had a pretty good rain yesterday evening (Sunday) The North Fork River area has went up a LOT…swept someone off a bridge on a nearby creek…but I don’t think the Eleven Point (below Greer) even hiccuped on the water gauge.

Call Brian at the rental just to be sure.