Eleven Point River/ Southern MO

I’m trying to plan a bachelor type weekend float the second weekend of June that likely might detour from the river to less wholesome sorts of entertainment. I’ve heard great things about the Eleven Point River, and am curious to get any advice about the river (I’ve heard it can rise quickly with rain), or any advice on adult entertainment houses that might be within a half-hour drive of Thomasville.

Thanks in advance.

Adult entertainment!!
What are you talking about Jack? Go to Vegas!

More rules and enforcement
On the Paddlers Discussion board. Lots more rules and enforcement thank goodness. Be Aware.


Eleven Point
Stay home, go to a bar, and take a taxi home. The Eleven Point (as well as the Current) has suffered years of abuse by those who would rather party than just enjoy these clear running Ozarks streams for for their natural beauty and solitude. There are way too many people on the river anymore that are rude, obnoxious, and inconsiderate of people that just want to take the kids down the creek for a good time. That’s why, at times, these streams now are peppered with law enforcement types (often hidden in the bushes).

lighten up
if I happen to float by you this summer, I’ll be sure to toss a beer your way to help you relax.

I stand by my advice about Vegas, great
town! But your right. None of my business what you want to do. I don’t know of any towns big enough down there to support a gentlemans club. Maybe West Plains? And do throw me a beer, I ain’t such a prude that I’d turn down a cold one!

its a good float
Ive floated the eleven point and it is a nice float… not too technical for begineers in a canoe, or a group of drunks, though you should use catiuon around alot of the rapids and downed trees. The section above hwy19 and greer spring is very nice, and below that the river is larger and a bit smoother.

In that same area, I would choose the current, or black river over the 11 point, and above all the jacks fork river. Jacks fork from buck hollow to bay creek is the BEST trip ive been on in terms of fishing/scenery/ paddling fun. That is a 2 day trip in a canoe, but ive done it comfortably in one day in kayaks. And we did our fair share of drinking too.

doubt you will find any gentlemans clubs down that way, and if ya were to find one,well… lets just say the caliber of strippers in that part of the boonies is probably alot worse than in st louis or springfeild…

lol good luck with the trip, but be careful. Rangers are out in force, and those guys hide in the bushes to catch you doing anything you shouldnt. Dont act a fool, and you should be ok. If youre an obnoxious bunch, expect to be hassled by conservation agents or water patrol, as well as the other folks on the river that wouldnt mind drowning a bunch of clowns so they can enjoy their float in piece. like I said, dont act afool and yall should be ok.

Save yourself…

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Save yourself the physical exertion of paddling a canoe; avoid the heat, the bugs, canoe rental fees, campground fees, and a possible fine from law enforcement.

Go to a strip bar in St. Louis; get wasted & call a taxi to take you back to the motel.
All in air conditioned comfort.