Eleven Point River Trip Questions

Cate and I are planning on paddling the Eleven Point September 12-13. I am looking for some suggestions as to where we should go and who we should get to shuttle our canoe.

I looked at Richards’ Canoe Rental and 11point Canoe Rental for a possible shuttle and I am thinking about doing the section above Greer Spring. I’m not sure if it has enough water or not. Any information or help would be appreciated.




You will not be able to do it above
Greer Spring under present conditions. I would shift your planning to below Greer Springs, and expect the shoals to be shallow. It’s still a great run, but it needs Greer Spring for late summer conditions.

What’s the scenery like below Greer. Is there any WW or is it pretty smooth?

I guess my real question is should I just go to the Current or Jacks Fork and save the 11 point for next spring.

No Need To Wait

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Eleven Point below Hwy 19 usually has better flows than the Current this time of year. If you've never paddled it, you need to head over there. Nothing that difficult on the Eleven Point, but Mary Decker can require a bit of caution (it's mellowed and filled in a bit over the years) and Halls Bay Chute can be a booger if you take the wrong line or get sideways. Take Halls Bay to the left, or line it down on the right. Mary Decker usually best handled toward right to right center as there are usually strainers toward the left. Need to get over there myself this year, may be there next weekend. I always had good luck and reasonable shuttle prices from Huffstedders in Riverton. Here's a few pics. WW


thanks for the info and photos. I am going to follow your suggestions to a T and report back here with some photos of my own.

If you end up out there look for us in a red Prospector.



I Will
I have friends wanting to do the Jack’s Fork next weekend and unless we get some of the rain that’s possible in the next few days, it will be too low. I’m trying to talk them into changing rivers. I haven’t been to the Eleven Point since LAST September and it’s bugging me! Saw otters there last year. Hope to see you there. WW

You had quite a bit more water on
the Eleven Point than I did. Mary Decker was so slack when I ran it that I didn’t see why it was at all worth noting.

Like I Said…

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...it's filled in and mellowed a lot over the years. Now Halls Bay hasn't gotten smaller, but still just a fun ride. I believe we DID have a decent rain a few days before those pics, g2d. WW

Just Got Home
from the Eleven Point this afternoon. Awesome as always. There was a down tree across the left side of Mary Decker but it was no problem at all to get around.

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like we’re going down there this weekend.



Eleven Point
Missed you…

We put on late friday morning at Greer access, and took out late this morning at the Hwy. 142 access.

Saw very few paddlers, and quite a bit of wildlife.

Saw several mature Bald Eagle, and quite a few Osprey.

At last night’s campsite we heard 2 different packs of coyotes, heard 2 different types of owls, and a huge skunk ran into the back of my tent while moving at a fast trot. He got a hard backhand from me though the tent, and didn’t retaliate. I was barely awake when this occurred, and if I had known it was a skunk, I would have used more discretion. Another camper who spotted the skunk with a flashlight, shortly after I gave it the backhand, said it was the largest skunk he’d ever seen.

Seemed like we had our own private river most of the time…I am not complaining about that!


It Was A Great Trip
Hope yours was too. Here’s a link to the pics from our trip. Like Bob said, few people especially below Riverton. Were fortunate that Bobs “Pet” didn’t spray the campsite with his or her “Perfume!” WW


Had a great time
I wish we would have run into you guys. We put in at greer saturday morning.


I was a bit disappointed in Mary Decker and Halls Bay. There were a lot of other good fast sections though. I picked up a few new dings on the boat running Halls Bay a little to far to the left. Over all a great trip. See above for my photos which are sort of boring because we were the only boat in our own little group.