Eleven Point River

Okay, I promise this will be the last video I post, (for awhile). This is a short footage gathering trip we took a week ago. The outfitter we show was our sponsor for the trip. I hope you enjoy it.


Mark Morrall


Very nice
Don’t stop posting videos!


awe inspiring
I can’t get enough of your videos. If I try to put in your dvd’s for movie night one more time at my house, I think my wife will kill me.

keep em coming

I will…
keep posting. Thanks for your interest in them!

But put 'em on the Discussion Forum
The thread gets lost in all the nuts and bolts questions on here.

I like your videos, but don’t promote the Eleven Point! It’s chock full of us cross-eyed, banjo pickin’ hillbillies, bank to bank snakes, bears and panthers raiding your campsite at night, and Bigfoot’s probably out there too! You’all don’t really want to come here!

Plus …
All the poison ivy in the world is on the Eleven Point.

Research from Texas A&M University indicates that due to global warming, chupacabras have been expanding their range north(much like armadillos have) into the ozarks. Texans have even been sighted up there. So I say “Escape to Wisconcin!”

Eleven Point

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Yeah, come on down...........

After you get out on the river; there is nothing but rustic campgrounds that have been virtually ignored by Ozark Scenic Riverway staff for a decade or more.
You'll be lucky if the campgrounds have an outhouse, and it won't be clean; unless "you" clean it.
In certain areas, gravel bars suitable for camping are non existent.
Avoid the Stinking Pond campground; it stinks year round from rotting vegetation. It's always bug infested, and it's not uncommon to see Copperheads hanging around there. I always thought they were attracted by the frogs that hang around the "stinking area" of Stinking Pond.

Cell phones don't work out there & you will "very rarely" see any Ozark Scenic Riverway staff, or anyone in any position of authority.

Get hurt; hope you brought a first aid kit.


You can have those Armadillos and Chucacabras back, Rob! When you come up for the Rendezvous we’ll round some up; the only thing that will be disappointed to see Armadillos go away are the buzzards (LOL)!

I went on an August weekday, had
just enough water from Greer Spring, and saw almost no one, camping or paddling. Must have to do with weekends.

Great times…
Early Spring, Fall, and Winter are great times to paddle the Eleven Point if you like solitude.

Good place to avoid on Summer holiday weekends, and during deer season.