elie kayak sales

I’m trying to purchase a elie 140 without the rudder, i cannot for the life of me find anyone close to Charlotte, NC. that sells this boat,REI sells the 120 and only have the 140 with a rudder,i don’t want the rudder, can anyone please help me?

Order it?
REI has always been willing to special order anything I’ve wanted from dealers they handle, with no obligation to keep the item or sacrifice a deposit if I changed my mind. Is there a reason why you don’t want to order one through them?

Thanks Willow,maybe i will try again when ole knickers in a twist isn’t working the paddling section

Appomattox River Co.
here in VA – maybe too far to drive from where you are, but if you know exactly what you want they can ship it to you at an affordable rate.


I ended up buying a easky13 and saved about $500,which makes wifey happy

good choice
You’ll be happy with the Easky. I love my 15LV version. Very nice boats for the money.