Elie Paddle Sports

Anyone know the current status of Elie Paddle Sports?

I went to their website recently http://www.eliesport.com/) and it no longer seems to be in operation.

It seems they were doing quite well with their Strait 140 Kayak that was honored by Outside Magazine with their Gear of the Year award in 2011.

Just a guess,
but perhaps they’ve accidentally let the domain name lapse, or are changing servers or server providers. The Pelican International (same company) site is still up BTW.

I hear ya.
It seems a little lackluster from a customer support perspective. I just bought a brand new Elie Strait 140 and I was planning to register it on the site but it no longer works. Perhaps I can do it on the Pelican site.

This works…


I wonder if they know that their top level page is dead, you might want to email them.

website is up and running again

You’re right!
It seems the top level page isn’t working. They probably don’t know.