Elie Strait 120/140XE recall

I have 2 Elie Strait Kayaks (120 XE and 140XE) and apparently there is a safety recall.

I have not experienced problems with my kayaks (yet?),

but I guess I’ll take the opportunity to get free replacements. Apparently, they will send me instructions to “destroy” my kayaks (have to submit a photo proof) before I can claim the new ones.

Just hope the process will not take forever.

Any one in the same boat ?

"Keel Issues"
I was curious what the problem was so I went to their website. For those who have a second hand Elie and might not be aware of the recall, here’s the info. I presume they will have honor the replacement for used kayaks as well. Hope y’all like tangerine and lime green!

Security Recall

In cooperation with the US Coast Guard and Transports Canada, Elie Strait kayaks VOLUNTARY RECALL

KJR12 and KJR14 ModelsSTRAIT 120, STRAIT 120XE and STRAIT 140, STRAIT 140XE

These kayaks have a potential weakness in the keel assembly, which can lead to hull leaks and affect the flotation capacity when used for a long period.Concerned product serial numbers (HIN) start with ZEP and end withD313 to L313, 314, 414, 415, and 515.

HIN: The hull identification number is a unique serial number comprised of 12 characters. It is located on the starboard side of the hull, next to the stern.

All replacement Strait 120 and Strait 120 XE models are available in Tangerine/Red color only.

All replacement Strait 140 and Strait 140 XE models are available in Lime Green color only.

I’m curious …
…about what they are going to ask me to do with the (old) Kayaks…and to what extent I’m obliged to actually disable them.

Trading them one for One I would understand…not wanting people to keep using a potentially dangerous boat also, but I could still keep them for parts or as a “beater” for rough conditions.

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destroy yours without a new one in hand or a check? LOL
you have to pay to destroy them and then get rid of it for them? You should be able to return it to a dealer for a new one and let him do the rest. Keeping something that has been recalled for a beater defeats the purpose of the recall. Cutting up the hull you can then remove the pieces you want if they are not in the recall. http://www.eliesport.com/resources/security-recall-elie-strait-kayak.html

for shops
When I have seen other brands replaced due to warranty issues, they usually have the shop cut out the HIN number. Not sure if they send it back or not.

This may be too much to ask from a boat owner.

They ask me to cut the hull with a saw…

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Think I'm going to phone the retailer and complain.
I dont see why I should be the one 1) making a mess in my garage 2) risking of getting an injury and 3) having to dispose of it afterwards.

Has anyone destroyed their kayak for the recall? Just curious what they are asking us to do. Do you still have pictures?