Eliza or Narpa?

I love paddling.net!! Whether I’m buying or selling, or want to read a review before buying or need something for yakking, this is my number one place to go!!

My question, if you were buying a used kayak, you weigh 110 lbs. and 5’2", and this was your 7-8th kayak, only had about $1,000 to spend, wanted to buy one locally so you could pick it up, which would you get and why?

I currently own a Looksha II (my baby) and it’s really tippy for my weight, but, boy does it go. I also own a fun, putz about boat, a Kyook this season. I anchor this on a sand bar, hang my feet over the side, and don’t expect to get anywhere fast, but also know it’s extremely stable. But, it doesn’t really move like a sit-inside kayak, more like a canoe or sit-on-top yak I think.

Anyway, I have a chance to buy a kayak for $1,000 or less and have found a Narpa, and an Eliza (both used, of course) within ‘picking up distance’ for me. Which should I get? (I’ll be selling the Kyook most likely, I paddle alone since I’m a night worker and no one wants to go out for sunsets with me. I’ve owned a 16’ Wilderness sit on top and that I put a trolling motor on and ‘blew out a disc in my neck’ marine battery, sold that, and 18’ wilderness sit inside, sold that, and Adventure Island single, (and I dream of owning a nice mid-size fiberglass with narrow cockpit area, and rudder,) and use a Werner Ikelos). I don’t know what’s with me and Necky, but it’s what I can afford, and what’s available.

I’ve been paddling mostly 18’ and over, and want to move down to a shorter kayak to see if there is much of a difference, for one season. Eliza or Narpa? I’m in Tampa if you have one similar for sale.

The Narpa is probably a pretty old boat. Plastic might be brittle, seats were pretty uncomfortable back then, etc. If the Eliza fits, I’d go that route.

Narpa is too big
I used to have one 20 years ago, and it would be too big for you. I was 5’7" and 165 lbs, and it was considerably too big for me in the cockpit. Great boat, but too big. You’d fit the Eliza much better.

The Narpa would be absolutely huge for your size and $1,000 is too much for a boat that old anyway.

Definitely the Eliza

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It was designed for smaller women. I'm a little bigger than you (5' 5" and 145#) and have a boat very similar to the Eliza -- 15' x 22" wide and low volume (Venture Easky 15LV). It's a very enjoyable and versatile kayak and a favorite of several of my smaller friends when I loan it to them. The fact that the Eliza is under 50 pounds will also be a big bonus for you in loading and launching.

If you miss snagging the Eliza, I notice someone is selling a Necky Elaho in the Tampa Bay area as well. That could be another good option -- it too is narrow and lower volume, though it is 16' 4" and 12 pounds heavier.


I agree that you would be drowning in a Narpa. That's a big guy boat.

If you plan on growing 5" or more
and gaining 50-130 lbs the Narpa would be worthwhile for $700 less.