Elk Neck State Park MD.

Will be down in a couple of weeks. was going to take the canoe. heard this area can get sloppy. anyone ever been here. is this area a good place to paddle?

Sloppy is a good word for it
I live bout 45 minutes from there. It has been years since I’ve boated there. Generally speaking it is fine but with certain wind directions there is a long fetch and it can get wet in a canoe. The last time I boated there I was sailing. I got creamed by the wake of a container ship to the point I got my hair wet. Sure was glad my boat was a self bailer.

Not Sloppy
Not this time of year (unfortunately in my opinion). In the winter months, perhaps.

Now though the winds have been light and variable. I would not expect a problem.

Only gets rough with a strong south wind. Not likely to see.

Nice place to paddle. Very scenic. The park is beautiful too.

Have fun.


Bunch of CPA go there in the fall
Chesapeake Paddlers usually host a trip there in the fall. Here is a link to last fall’s trip report. If you search that TR forum, you might find more.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

the link


Walk to the lighthouse at the point,
it is worth it, and bring some binoculars.

Have a great crab sandwich in North East.

As for the paddling, I paddled up the Elk

River shoreline, and it was polluted with an

oil slick. Many freighters using the canal.

I didn’t see any signs of waterfowl.

The Chesapeake River side of Elk Neck, being

the west shore, is cleaner water. Probably

why the Elk Neck Beach is there. Access for

canoes and kayaks is almost non-existent on

that shore, unless you go to a marina.

All in all, a great place to visit, just know

what to expect. Good luck!