Ellesmere ocean cockpit into keyhole?

I own Ellesmere with ocean cockpit like the

boat but need keyhole. Could this be done by

somebody with fiberglass skills & not cost

to much? Anybody will building skills please

give me your two cents.

It’s possible…
and easier to make a CP larger than smaller. Best if you could find a strip boat builder in your area to build the lip.

Doable keyhole
I’am in Ontario, might take me awhile to find

person who is able. Just thought it might be

more affordable then buying another boat.

Time to research local shops/ builders. Thanks

If you haven’t already…

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You might try posting the question at this site..
Many, many builders hang out there and most are in the NE.

They are very helpful and I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.

It can be done
Here is an example with some step by step insight into how he did it.


Don’t ruin a good boat.
Sell it to someone who likes ocean cockpits, then buy a boat with a keyhole for yourself.