Ellie sound 10 kayak

I’m about to pick up this kayak for my wife. Are there any other kayaks comparable? I tried the pungo 100 and aspire 100 and the seemed a tad heavy for her. She is smaller and we will be paddling mostly small lakes and slow moving rivers. She likes the lager cockpit and felt cramped in the tsunami 125. Just wanting to look at all the options before I buy. Thanks.

Eddyline Sandpiper
The Eddyline Sandpiper is another thermoformed recreational kayak with a huge cockpit. It’s 2 feet longer and 4lb lighter. Made in the USA - WA. It’s a step up in cost.

Hurricane Sojourn 126
Much, much better kayak. $400 more for twice the quality.

Thank you
Thanks for your suggestions. I did end up getting the sound. But that eddyline is very impressive.