Ely Day Trips?

Thinkin about heading up to Ely with the wife over labor day weekend and am looking for a god day trip. Would kinda like a short loop but not opposed to there and back. Anyway these are what I need info on:

  1. Canoe Outfitter. Would be nice if they were based on a lake so we can just pull in a shove off. Not required though.
  2. Route. I’d like to get in a couple short portages and like I said above, a loop would be nice. Not sure if it’s possible on a day trip though.
  3. A campground somewhere north of the cities. We’re gonna be about 7 hours away and may not get out till after 5 or so. Cities is about 3 -3.5 hours away so we may need a camp just north of there.
  4. Campground by Ely. We may need 2 nights , maybe 3 if we get out early enough. BTW, be pulling my teardrop (small camper).

    Note: Being that it’s a busy holiday weekend campgrounds that have lots of room or take reservations would be nice.

    Thanks for any help,


moose lake
several outfitters based on Moose Lake I think - LaTourelles for one. Go North to Basswood, swing west, then south, portage to Wind L and then portage back to Moose L and back to your car. Day permit for BWCA woudl be needed - Not sure if the $15 fee applies to day use or just overnighters. LaT… usually has some boats listed in the classifieds - I’d assume you could find thier e-mail there

Day use is free. You fill out the permit at a box near the entry point.

Overnight use runs $16.50 per person.

campgrounds on the way
The casino at Hinckley has trailer sites available. It’s about 1.5 hours out of Mpls. Just keep you money in your pocket :slight_smile:

Otherwise there’s a state park at Taylors Falls about 45 minutes north. But given the holiday weekend it might be tough finding a vacancy where ever you go.

Kawishiwi Lodge
Situated on Lake One. Many day trips on the numbered lakes area. Not too far from Hegman Lakes and pictographs. Also, Kawishiwi is the only paddle only outfitter/resort. Stayed there a week when I took grandparents up there and had a great time even without going deep into the BWCAW. WW