Emailing maps/routes from Garmin

Before I bought my Garmin GPS I paddled with a few friends who sent me by email the route we’d traveled that day. I didn’t have any compatible software at the time, but I was able to see the graphic.

Now I have a GPS and am paddling often with 2 guys who don’t and would like to send them the graphics of our paddles. Can anyone help me to do this?



sending graphix
get a Program called “Topofusion” from" you can upload your tracks to this program and save it. Then print out your track and share it with others. You can also email them the track.

I been using Topofusion as my map program for as long as I been geocaching.

Are you using the Garmin
Mapsource Software? I take screen captures and e-mail them or post them all the time.

I use
Mapsource as well. It’s a great resource. I have the topo cds and they greatly improve the basemap on the gps.

I use mapsource
It’s still not working. I’ve tried to save maps in a number of formats but it hasn’t worked so far. (I email it to myself at work, then sign on to my work computer remotely and check my email, so I can test it quickly).

What I’d like to do is save it in a jpg or gif format, which most people recognize. What steps do you take?

Thanks for all the replies…Lyn

Here are a couple of suggestions…
1. Copy the window or screen contents –

To make a copy of the active window, press ALT+PRINT SCREEN. To copy the entire screen as it appears on your monitor, press PRINT SCREEN.

Then paste the image into a document by clicking the Edit menu in the document window, and then click Paste.

2. If you have Adobe acrobat (not just the reader, bu t the program for actually creating PDF files) you can select print from the Mapsource program and select print to PDF as the printer. Unfortunately most people will not have this software because it is somewhat expensive.

I like my Garmin GPS units. However, I am less than satisfied with Garmin’s Mapsource software. In my opinion it is a blatant oversight or some kind of intentional stupidity that there is no means to easily produce a JPEG and/or GIF image from the map you are viewing. In addition, there should be some easy means in the software to export waypoints/routes to other mapping software packages – not just to a GPS unit. Unfortunately, most of the GPS mapping programs out there have this same flaw and use a proprietary file format without good export capability.

Wow, thanks
That is exactly what I needed to know. I agree, it seems like saving as jpeg or gif would be ideal, but this is a great beginning!

Thanks so much,


I do like the fishdoctor says only I take it a little further in that I paste the map of the area paddled into Paint. In Paint I use the brush and different paint colors to depict each leg of the paddled track.

Afterwards I paste the new map into my word processor (MS Word), add a text box under the map and enter the pertinent info, e.g. date, place, paddlers, wind, speed, leg times/ distances, total distance paddled, narrative, etc.

The completed map is then printed out for my 3-ring binder and also e-mailed to any who paddled with me that day.

Have a safe day on the water,

NC Cal

995 Software
I use there 995 pdf print driver to create pdf files from any software. It’s only $9.95,and works great for quickly creating a pdf file that can easily be emailed as an attachment. Another great gps mapping program (and also only $10) is Quakemap - You can import the track data from your gps and display it over either a topo map or the terra server satellite images.