Emerald Isle, Outer Banks, NC

Looking for any advice on paddling in the area. heading down for a week in April, Any great spots to check out, any fresh water areas nearby in case a bailout off the ocean for poor conditions is called for. Anyone in the area feel like getting together for a paddle. Any dangerous conditions like tidal rips etc. to be on the lookout for. Any good outfitters in the area I can contact for advice or tours. Any advice at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I might have some time off the first week in April. (Hope it's not cold.)

plenty of choices

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I'm likely in for weekends if you let me know when you're down here. Lamar from Barrier Island Kayaks is in Eastern Horizons, the kayak movie. I think they show him paddling there in Bogue Inlet. That's a nice big playground with a variety of shoals. The tidal flows seem to continue a good 2 hours after low & high tides at the inlets before changing direction.
There are a lot of nice places to paddle tucked behind the barrier islands. A paddle out to Cape Lookout is always nice. There's a nice kayak launch and visitors center at the end of Harkers Island, a fairly short trip from there.
It's a lot of fun to circumnavigate islands or sections of islands in the area.
Sandy beaches, open ocean, inlets and shoals, surf, sheltered marshes. Not much to complain about around there as a kayaker. Kudzu and I have a few paddling friends that frequent the area. I think we already have a plan for April 7 - 8 paddling from Jacksonville to Sneads Ferry on the New River, then out of New River Inlet, through the ocean and back into Bogue Inlet.

I’ll be there in July. Good info.

Thanks for the Info!
Thanks for the info. Checked out BIK website and now I’m really excited! Looks like great paddling all over the place. I’ll be in touch Kudzu and CapeFear as it gets closer. maybe we can get together… it’s always fun to meet p-nutters in person for a paddle and a beer (or two)!

I Hope it Works Out
I’ve done some paddling in that area; mostly Bear Island and Bear Inlet. I have lots more experience a little way up the coast; around Shackleford Banks, Core Banks, Harker’s Island.

sounds great
April 20th-28th I’ll be in Aruba - don’t know how that keeps slipping my mind. But other than that, paddling and a few beers is pretty much where I’d like to be. I hope it works out that we can all do some paddling. I’m sure you’ll have a great time either way.

BIK and Lamar
are great, I’ve rented from him a couple times and hope to make their symposium this spring. Any other Pnetter’s going?

Last trip out I took a bivy and camped at Hammock Dunes S.P. The sites in the inlet on the west side of the island were very well sheltered.



emerald isle
Lots of great kayaking near Emerald Isle – the sounds between the island(s) and the mainland as well as the White Oak River upstream from Swansboro. There are some nicely marked trails from Hammocks Beach State Park near Swansboro leading out to Bear Island as well as another trail heading across the inlet toward Cape Carteret.

The local paddling club (Crystal Coast Canoe and Kayak Club) has some great maps showing a bunch of different paddling rounds in the area. Not sure if the maps are still in print, but the local visitors center used to stock them and give away for free.