Emergency hatch covers

I am trying to find a source for neoprene emergency covers for NDK hatches.

I saw Bushsport ones about a year ago, but subsequently can only find ones for Valley hatches.

Ones intended for Kajak-Sport would work as well.

Sheet Neoprene…
I have a single sheel of 3MM Neo for that purpose, large enough to cover my Stern Hatch, and a length of Bungie cord that can be tied to the right length…If I loose a hatch cover, I can make one. The Neo sheet is used for a clean spot to stand when changing, and underneath the Hennessey Hammock while entering/exiting…

plastic sheet
I carry a garbage bag & shock cord to make emergency hatch covers or an emergenct skirt among many other possibilities.



good suggestions

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I like both the idea of keeping a small sheet of neoprene and a garbage bag. The garbage bag and bungees for emergency skirt etc... sounds particularly wise.

Though, being a gear head, I carry a spare sprayskirt and have neoprene emergency covers for both the day hatch and ovals in my Aquanaut.

I will be acquiring a Romany in the next few weeks. After noting the rather severe cracking of the hatch covers on a loaner Romany, I thought it particularly wise to get neoprene emergency covers for my new boat.

neoprene cockpit cover
How about a neoprene cockpit cover. It could serve triple duty.

Cockpit cover.

Place to stand/sit on for lunch.

Emergency hatch cover with bungie.

Maybe even soft splint.

Got it
I’ve got a neoprene cockpit cover. However, I like the quickness of having an emergency hatch cover purpose made.

I keep my emergency day hatch cover in the day compartment for easy access and my emergency oval in the forward compartment for the same reason. If the forward compartment is packed, the emergency cover is at the top. I try to have emergancy gear that might be needed at sea accessible at sea.

nylon cover
Three years ago when I got mine, I bought an orange nylon emergency cover that Nigel sold. It has a cord on it to hold it in place, like a backpack rain cover.

Got it at GRO in Michigan who isn’t there anymore (now RI) and no longer handles NDK either. I only got the larger size figuring it would work as a day hatch cover if needed. You might send an email to NDK if you’re interested in one of these.

inflatable beach ball
Just carry it with you folded up and if a hatch ever blows out, you can put the beach ball in the hatch and blow it up until it completely seals the hatch area.

Heavy Duty Plastic Trash Bag
It has numerous uses. One is always in my emergency bag to be used as an emergency hatch cover, emergency float bag, windbreak for a hypothermic paddler, waterproof cover for a bandage, and also if needed, distress flag (if you can find the orange ones), a way to pack out trash.

I’m sure there are more uses, I just haven’t thought of them yet.

Maine Sport
Maine Sport has the nylon emergency covers from NDK. It is there last year that I saw the Bushsport neo covers (my wife bought one for her Explorer LV). Unfortunately, they no longer carry the neo or any other Bushsport products.