Emergency hauling question!!

OK here is the deal. Three boats, 1 Magic in whitegold, one Magic in Kevlite, and 1 Merlin II in whitegold. Original plan is all gunwales down, side by side, with 8 foot bars. Problem is the black pipe I have available is about 1/16" to small.

2 options - first wrap the bars with something to increase the diameter enough to get a snug fit, but problem is the wrap won’t get tested till we start the 16 hour trip to the Boundary Waters. Hate to stop every 1/2 hour to re-adjust.

Second option, use my existing J-cradles for the 2 whitegold boats and put the kevlite boat in the center gunwale down, like this /^. Any thoughts on this solution. The whitegold should be stiff enough to be on edge, but what about wind resistance of open boats.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts


What do you have for a roof rack now ?
If you have Yakama round bars, there is a easy solution.


Yakima Rounds
And the solution is?

I’m guessing his solution is some type of easily accessible and longer pipe/dowel that can be inserted easily into the yakima towers… just a guess though.

Possible Solution…
I was recently looking at http://www.metalsdepot.com/ in search of crossbars that I will be adding to a kayak trailer that I am building.

I haven’t had that chance to look yet, but I think Home Depot sells longer pieces of tubular steel piping that has the same outer diameter and thickness as the Yakima bars. This might be a cheaper/easier solution to getting the Yakima Extensions or the J-Craddles.

I/2 inch rigid galvanized pipe.
It is 7/8 inch OD and fits into the Yakama round bars like a glove. As a matter of fact after you use it a few times you might want to put some vaseoline on it.

Get it a Lowes or Home Depot in 10 foot lengths.

If you want a eight foot span, cut it to that length. Slide it through the Yakama bars, and when you get it centered put a pipe strap clamp on each side snugged up against the end of the Yakama bar.( will prevent it from sliding from one side or the other)

You can even use your Yakama gunnel brackets with it if you build up around the bar with duct tape.

If you do use the duct tape, you will have to take it off one side before sliding the pipe out.

If you are planning on using it several times, just take one of the pipe clamps off and slide it off from the other end, and when you put it back in it will save you from measuring where it goes.

I saw your other post about using black iron and almost gave you a heads up, but was not sure what you were trying to accomplish.

Cheers, and I hope you guys have a great trip.


JUST TIE them on there!

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the worst thing that could happen is you could hit a Moose! "8-P

I wish I could go with you guys but there is a lot going on here right now or I would do it. Damn.