emergency strobes

Anyone have thoughts/suggestions on the quality of different models of strobes (for PFD mounting) for sea kayaking?


We just retired our pin on PFD strobes
in favor of our Black Diamond Head lamps that have a strobe ferature. They are completely waterproof, are much lighter, and have several options of high lumen beams along with the strobe feature

jack L

An emergency strobe is designed to throw a really wide cone of light, while my headlamp isn’t. Intensity of each flash might be different as well.

Function over form…
Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe.

princeton tec
strobe. awesome gear. dive tested, rugged. had one for several years.

had too many acr’s crap out.

the headlamp has use but how secure is it when the fan gets hit?

if you need an emergency strobe, things have gone pear shaped…you very well may not have time or a hand free to fiddle with securing a headlamp. just an opinion.

Another vote for Princeton Tec
Great light, super durable, lives on the shoulder strap always ready.

Check out the Black diamond ones and
you’ll see what I mean.

We also retired our old head lamps

Jack L

Use AA lithiums

ACR C-strobe takes two batteries, is bright, inexpensive and the metal clip usually breaks the plastic when people forget to move it out of the way. Better to just remove it and remember to not unscrew the top when on the water.

Princeton tec Strobe is good but not as bright and uses one AA battery

Tek-tite is also a one AA battery strobe, narrower than the above and not as bright as ACR. Pricey.

There’s a company that makes an LED strobe that flashes for a LONG time but not sure about it’s brightness.