Emotion "Bliss" kayak

Wondering if anyone has any experience with the Bliss? Am considering one

Emotion Bliss
My wife just demoed one about two weeks ago and fell in love with it. She tried Neckys and Liquid Logic the same day and she really liked the Bliss the best. The thing is a bullet! Very fast and stable. Needless to say we left with a new one and we will be kayaking this weekend. I will repost after the weekend and let you know how she likes it aftler some longer trips.

Hope this helps


reply to Matt
Thanks for the info. Am waiting to demo one. They are hard to find in NNY Chucki

Emotion Bliss–GREAT Kayak!
I’m very, very new to kayaking–only previous experience was a guided tour in Hawaii two years ago. I’m in my 50’s, have had a lifelong terror of any water where I can’t touch the bottom, but must be getting crazier in my advancing age! We have a small place on a river in Alabama, and I wanted to get experience its beauty and wildlife.

The guy at Alabama Small Boats was very knowledgeable and said the Emotion Bliss was becoming very popular with women. I was looking for STABILITY!!, and he said I couldn’t go wrong with the Bliss.

I LOVE this little boat!! I always hold my breath and pray a bit when getting it/out, as we have to launch next to a dock that’s a fair amount higher, but once I’m on the water, I’m able to totally relax and feel very comfortable in it. The seat is comfortable, and I like the adjustable foot braces (I’m short!) Although I wish it had a dry hatch, it does have a mesh bag in back of the seat that’s handy for water/sandwiches, etc. And you can add side mesh bags

My husband bought a Current Designs Kestrel 120, and it’s about 1’ 2" longer than my Bliss, plus he’s had much more canoeing and sailing experience–and he says he has trouble keeping up with me! :>) The Bliss is very easy to paddle, and seems to track well.

The worst thing about it is having to leave it behind when I return home to California on Monday! But we plan to get boats out there, and mine will most likely be another Bliss, even for close-in coastal paddling (unless someone recommends something better).

Additional Bliss info
Just wanted to give an update, my wife and I have been out 3 times kayaking since she got her Bliss and she absolutely loves it. Tracks well and speed is incredible for the small effort she puts into paddling. I am amzed with it as well. We did a comparison test between her Bliss and my Swifty 9.5 and she could do one stroke to my four and easily keep up with me. My typical speed on the GPS at this pace was about 2.8 mph. Her typical cruising speed on the GPS is about 3.4 mph with very little effort. I would highly recommend the Bliss.


Emotion discount
My college has a monthly newsletter for alumni. The owner of emotion kayaks is a grad at the University of Delaware. In the last newsletter it mentioned that he offered discounts to alumni or students from the university. I believe it was at least 10% off the list price.