Emotion Edge

I am a beginner kayaker and I am in the market for a new kayak. I have been looking at the Emotion Edge, as it is the right size and fairly light to carry. Do any of you have any experience or information about this kayak? Thanks!


Questions for you
I’m pretty much a newbie too, but I’m gonna ask you a couple questions anyways.

What kinds of water are you planning on paddling. Are there any kayak distributors in your area.(Somebody will tell you to demo before you buy - - just a warning)

Anything else that may help us help you.

No - -I have never been in / seen one.

I will primarily use it on lakes and slow moving rivers. There is a kayak shop down the street, though I haven’t visited them in a while so I don’t know if they even carry the Edge.

OK - - I looked at the add again
Should be a decent boat for playing around. Looks like it’s pretty wide, but also looks like it will take a beating.

If you do get this boat, I’m gonna bet your gonna upgrade in a year - - Just a hunch

Lets see if anyone else replies to your question

PS - - Go check out the shop down the road.

This is a boat to…
definitely try first. If not this one try one as close in size as you can find.

I’m wondering if you selected this boat solely on the basis of price. Your kayak shop should be able to give you some advice.

sounds like any other
Like somebody mentioned before, pretty much everething except specs is a crock of shit. It’s a little bathtub recreational kayak like any other in it’s class. seat looks fairly comfortable.

Get airbags for floatation if you do manage to flip it.

I bought an Edge last summer
It is my first boat and for what it is its great. It was very affordable and is pretty light weight…easy to put on the van and to carry some distance to the water.

I admit, I have already been looking at upgrading (although I won’t for a while until I really see how much I will use a boat). I would really like to win a good kayak from a website sweepstakes…(hint, hint)

I guess for me one of the selling points is that I can comfortably and safely paddle with my 6 year old in the cockpit with me…still with room to spare.

Like I said…great for what it is…no regrets.

It’s up to you
Don’t let us make the decision for you. Or you might end up with a boat you don’t like. If you like it, and it works for you, go with it man, it’s up to you.

never tried one though.

I have been looking at the Perception Swifty as well. The Swifty is a bit heavier than the Edge, but the bottom is shaped differently.

duck pond boats
Why buy a duck pond cruiser when for a few extra $, you could get something like a Dagger Blackwater/Perception Pacifica, this way you have something that lets you explore a bit what kayaking actually has to offer?