emotion kayak

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We saw a really cheap ($270) emotion "Edge" kayak. It's for a very low level person, just wants small quiet lakes, rivers. The kayak it 9'3" but has a nice sharp bow and stern line. Anybody have any experience with this boat? I think it might be too short for decent tracking, etc. Appreciate your thoughts

for a starter…
it could be just the ticket. i bought my wife one so we could get out on the water together, once in a while. it is very stable, easy for her to get in and out of, and is surprizingly fast (she can keep up with my Dirigo 120 for a short distance). we bought a 2nd (slight defect in the combing) from cabela’s for $269.00 last spring and we couldn’t be happier with the value. as long as your expectations are realistic, this could be a good boat for you.

Emotion Kayak
We have had one for about 6 months now and like another poster said, it is a great little boat. Just know its limitations. I put flotation bow and stern for added security. I personally feel that it tracks quite nicely and is a great boat for zipping in and out of narrow, secluded waters. Again, for the price, I think it is a great little boat.


I have an Emotion Edge, and you can read my review that I wrote here on P-Net. it is a fun little kayak that does a really nice job.

I think it tracks very nicely. For me, it tracks almost as well as my touring kayak. It has sort of a built in skeg/fin at the rear to help it do just that.

It has a couple of hard chines that really help it turn nicely, and it is sort of a swede form hull, to help it have decent speed for it’s width and length.

I have an 18’ composite touring kayak for the serious trips, and I use my Edge for small lakes and creeks. I ran some easy class one rapids with it, and it was a piece of cake.

I was looking for a fun littke kayak that I could throw in the back of my pick up truck, and not have to worry about getting it all banged up. I think this is a great little rec kayak!