Emotion Renegade XT

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I'm new to kayaking altogether but not fishing. I know this the question everyone asks and no one can answer but I'm just looking for thoughts on a particular kayak as my first not a recommendation for a first.
I'm looking at the Emotion Renegade XT. I'm 6'1" 270lbs 32" inseam. I'm mostly going to be using it on smaller lakes for Bass/Crappie/trout Fishing.


Would be great for short trips
At 10’ long and 3’ wide, it won’t handle like a Tarpon 160. But, if you simply want to safely and comfortably get some time on the water, looks like it’d be a slick trick. I just watched the video on the Emotion site - slick indeed.

Looks like
it has some nice features. Here’s some good advice. Take it out for demo run before you buy,especially someone your and my size. A lot of shops will let you rent for a day with rental price going toward the purchase. There are soooo many pros and cons for every kayak. There’s no way to know whether you’ll like the boat until you get in the water with it. Good luck!

It’ll be slow.
Slow when bass fishing can be good, but don’t think you’ll be able to make long runs to ‘better’ spots.

Wide means high initial stability usually. That’s also good. You won’t be doing any tight turns where secondary stability and carving hulls come into play on the kinds of water you describe. So that’s good too.

Seems like a reasonable choice.

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Thanks guys. Your thoughts are the same as mine with it.

I’d love a tarpon 160 or even an ultimate 14. I just really don’t have the room right now for much more than a 10 footer. And for what I’m looking to do I thought it would be great.

I definetly plan on demoing it before I buy but none of the local paddle shops have received their order from emotion yet. I understand lifetime bought them and its been a little bit of a rough transition.

I just bought one of these yaks. I am 5’11 220lbs. It is very stable while sitting. I can rock side to side and not tip. has a big tankwell. I was just looking for something easy to fish in and handle and this is it. easy to get in a truck. I think it is a great entry yak for the price.