Emotion Temptation 10

How good would an Emotion Temptation 10 be for a first Kayak for a 13yo? He has a little experience from summer camp and a little out on the gulf. I was looking at a Native Redfish 10 at $530 but I found a store with the Temptation 10 for $332 down from $499 which seems like a good deal if it’s a decent yak. Thanks.

for what purpose?
Fine for ponds and slow flat rivers. Not a plan for offshore on the ocean or someone who wants to do things like learning to roll or serious whitewater.

Hull Shape ?

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What are the KEY motivators at play - price ?
Used boats are dime a dozen during the winter months.

Take a real good look at the advertise hype.

The picture shows a clear distinct ""line"" at the
bottom of the Front AND the BACK of the boat hull.
Sure it tracks relatively straight because of it;
but might be a bear to actually turn around obstacles;
hindering its effectiveness in various situations.

I see nothing for knee or thigh bracing.

At 10 foot long and 30 inches wide; it might not "fit"
your son's physique as he'll need a very long paddle,
which is also a heavier paddle, making it cumbersome,
and in the end, a lot less fun to paddle.

I'm not terribly impressed by the video,
same components on just about every kayak in existence.

I have a Temptation, made in 2010

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it's a very solid little sit-on-top. My experience is with smaller lakes and slow rivers. I think it should be decent in the surf, but never having had the opportunity I don't really know. (I should perhaps point out that I have frequently surfed similar length, similar style SOTS, just not near where I live) It has good storage for its length and is easily adapted for fishing. My boat is rotomolded, though I believe later models may have been "blown", and the plastic might not be as thick. Like all SOTS it's a bit wide and my wife (height 5') and teenage daughter (5'3") prefer to paddle a narrower kayak on the rare occasions they come for a paddle. Depending on what your son has in mind and his size, it's a decent boat worth the asking price (IMHO).

Emotion makes good rec boats
I have a Glide, which is a terrific starter boat, as long as you’re not in ocean or really rough water. Only 9.5’ long, but wide enough to be very stable, which is a blessing for beginners. It’s a sit-inside, though. I can move it fast enough to not be a drag on any recreational paddle and it does turn fine. Tough and well equipped.

If you buy their sit-insides they provide one very good float bag, and you can buy a second one from them for cheap to take care of safety concerns.

If you want a SOT for him, I can’t recommend anything as that’s not my bag. But I would trust the Emotion boats in any case.

Get your kid some lessons before you buy, if possible. That is the very best way to determine what boat would work for him.

Bought the Redfish
Well, I found a dealer that had a Redfish 10 that had been in his inventory for a little too long and let it go for $350. I figured I couldn’t pass it up given that I’ve been told the Redfish 10 is going up to $700 or so for next year. Plus if(when) my son outgrows it it will be good for my girls to use. Thanks.