Emotion Tide vs Emotion Glide

Newbie here. I grew up kayaking on secluded bays in Lake Huron (launched from a rocky shore) but have not been in a kayak in 4 years since I was living in a small apartment in a city. Recently bought a home in northern Virginia close to the Potomac river and my husband and I are looking to get back into it.

We have narrowed down our search to the Emotion Glide and the Emotion Tide for a few reasons:

  • we are looking for something extremely stabile
  • high weight capacity that can accommodate up to 275lbs (my husband is about 250 but very solidly built, he played defensive tackle in college)
  • easy to get in and out of (given his large frame that may mean a larger cockpit than other kayaks) on a concrete boat ramp
  • somewhat easy to transport from the car to the concrete boat ramp to launch
  • Priced under $550 per boat

Any recommendations between these two? We intend to use them for light paddling around the river, but there are quite a few boats and jet skis in our area so stability is important. Thanks!