Emsco Voyager??

Hi everyone.

I’m a newbie looking into a kayak for the first time. I know it’s about the end of the season here in Michigan, but I’m looking around to see if I can get a good deal on a boat right now.

I was in a local sporting goods store and they had a boat there called a “Voyager” by a company called Emsco.

I have searched on the net but have found absolutely nothing. It would appear that not a single person has ever purchased one of these items.

It’s low price is what attracted me to it the most. I can get one brand new for under $200. And when I was looking at them, my fiance also showed some interest so the low price makes it look even better because I could get two of them.

I’m the type of person that buys something…and if I like it I almost immediately upgrade to a better version of what I’ve purchased.

Does ANYONE have any experience at all with these kayaks??

I am looking for a sit-on-top kayak because I feel that it will suit me better for a starter boat…that, and I will likely be getting off of it at times to swim and snorkel.

If I can’t find anything out at all about these ones, I will probably just end up going with a Pelican Zest…but if anyone knows anything about these at all, I might give it a try.



That is a pool toy unless you want

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to go nowhere slowly. You can get a 12' real kayak like a Pungo for $500 used.

Is about twice what I’m looking to spend.

I think your budget is unrealistic.


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So you believe that it's impossible to find a serviceable first kayak, even used, for under $500??

I find that a bit unrealistic.

What about the Old Town Otter. I've read that's an excellent starter kayak for around $250. Or the Pelican Zest. I've read nothing but good things about that as a starter for around $250.

Get what you can afford.
I started in a 12’ Acadia and very quickly decided it was too slow.I suppose itty bitty boats are fine for itty bitty water. Paddle one 10 miles and you will have gotten some serious exercise and you will be looking for something longer.

That’s Understandeable…
I can understand that. Where I will be using them, there really isn’t a whole lot of room to go, anyways.

I would LIKE to get a small one to learn how to do it, and then if I enjoy it (and the lady enjoys it) then move on to an actual touring boat. She’s not the type that enjoys “thrills” so I’m doubting that any whitewater or fast moving water will be in the future…but if we like it some longer paddles will definitely be in order.

My main dilemma is that she doesn’t particularly “know” the water. I don’t want to say she doesn’t like it, because she’s never really been around it too much. Me, on the other hand, have been into water sports (power sports mainly) since I was about five…so, seeing that she doesn’t know if she’ll enjoy it at all, I’m reluctant to spend any massive amount of cash on it.

With that said, I’m kinda stuck because I KNOW that cheap equipment can lead to negative results, would could sway her to think that EVERY kayak is junk. So I’m trying to balance as best I can between getting something inexpensive but also getting something that can at least function.

I had originally thought about some Old Town Otters…but she doesn’t like the idea of the sit in style…so I then went looking for Pelican Zest sit on tops…which is when I found this Emsco thing. The guy at the store said it actually worked pretty well…he CLAIMS he has two of them for him and his girlfriend and they have fun with them…but he’s a salesman, so I don’t know whether to believe him.

I’ve been searching for deals on Craig’s List and have found several…only to have the boat sold the day I send the e-mail about it…

I saw a couple on Jocassee who

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had what looked like those boats and they were doing fine. They didn't go far, but they probably didn't want to.
We had a neighbor who has a Swifty. She likes to paddle out a short ways and drink a beer . To each their own.


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I may have lucked out a bit.

I have a close friend that has a used kayak. He said he'd sell it to me because he rarely uses it. In fact, he's only used it 4 times since he got it about 2 years ago.

It's a Heritage Featherlite 9.5. He wants $350 for the boat, a paddle that he paid $100 for, a nice life vest, and a car top carrier. He said that when he bought the stuff he spent $650 or so altogether after tax for the entire outfit.

I've seen it and it's in perfect condition. I don't think he ever even took it out on a river...only on the pond near his apartment.

Do you think that would be a pretty good deal??

With that said, these "Voyagers" just went on clearance at my Dunham's, so I will probably pick one up just to try messing around with...and if nothing else it will give me a boat to give to the lady. She doesn't like the idea of sitting inside a kayak. She said she might feel better about doing that if she had some experience on the water first, so I figure trying the "Voyager" out might be a good starting point for her...and then if she doesn't like being on the water at all, I'm not out $300 or more for the boat that I end up getting her.

If I get it, I'll try to put up the best review that I can.

I think your friend’s offer is a good
deal as long as you fit in the kayak.