End pour done

Decided to do my end pour today. Next step will be to install the rudder.

I attached my kayak to a ladder in order to lean it against something without falling. What a wrestling match. I worked up a good sweat. Getting this 18 footer into place wasn’t easy.





When I do things like that I always imagine the shaking of heads by my neighbors.

It looks like you are considering an orbital launch.

I hope all has hardened well.

Mr. Andreas
So ah’ sees yer gots dat new Joisey space center an’ launch pad all operatoonal - Cape Szymczak… ready ta launch a Guido ta land on de Sun. Wat? Land a man on de Sun! Yer kin’ not do dat - he’ll burn up yer say!. Ha! Us Joiseyites got dat problem solved. We’re goin’ at night…

Fat Elmo

Houston we have a problem
you fergot to initiate the launch sequence.

looks like fun. I prop mine up in a tree.

see ya this weekend!


Been there;done that. Dropped it!
It was mildly traumatized. I was major traumatized.

Cape Szymczak
I like that! lol I keep checking to see if it’s hardened enough to take it off the launch pad. Not yet! I really have to get back to the office, but as time passes, I’m on the fence. Maybe I’ll just call it day. I’ve already done something worth while.

I’ve been noticing that cars are slowing down and looking at the launch pad. Bet there is a lot of head scratching going on.


What did you use for the pour? I’ve messed about with many things and ended up with a two part urethane casting resin w/ micro-spheres. Doesn’t exotherm too hot, doesn’t crack, stays bonded, and light.

I used MAS epoxy
and hardener with microspheres stirred in. I left a little in a cup to see how long it would harden. It’s hard now, but there is more volume in the end pour, so that will take longer.


Opposite Andy … the end pour will
kick in a little to a LOT faster.

I usually have my wife holding the end down as I re-level the boat to its normal orientation.

Did you keep every drop dead center when you poured : ) ?

That first “splat” @ the bottom always sets the tone.

Does that mean I could have gone back to work hours ago?

I’ve been touching the end pour with a long stick, it’s still a little soft. Another half hour or so and I think I’m good to go.


Poke it with a stick!
I know, it’s a guy thing…

Similar, but different
We put playground sand in our epoxy, and I use a broom stick to test for cure.

Of course, we are doing floor repairs to a concrete warehouse floor and expansion joints to smooth the way for urethane-wheeled forklifts.

Had a funny flashback while reading these posts. Back in 1968 my friends Al and Rich went together and built a Yugo C-1 (L&R halves!). For flotation, teh guy at the fiberglass shop sold Al som self-foaming styrofoam, two chemicals to foam up and create teh end block. “He said just pour the two together into the end and the foam will form” said Al. At least, that is what Al heard him say. Knowing what I know now, the ingredients should have been mixed together and quickly poured into the end.

Formed a brown lump about the volume of a brick, and was of little flotation value.


basic questions
What is an end pour? What purpose does it serve?

– Mark

an end pour is…

– Last Updated: Mar-25-08 8:27 PM EST –

pouring epoxy into the stern of the kayak to make it solid.

I did it in order to install a rudder on my kayak. If I didn't do an end pour, I would have drilled a hole in my kayak.


so what your point???
so whass dat yourpoint…is there a story behind this or what…duh…duh

Patrick is right. Be CAREFUL
I poured too much in at once and steam began pouring out of the bow. Sounds hilarious now but it was frightening. Kayakforum.com has other horror stories about having to dunk ends in buckets of ice water, etc. The greater the quantity of epoxy (at least in a confined area), the hotter it gets–and quickly.

Test the two part casting urethane with micro-balloons. Awesome, light, not as hot, no deformation, pours like paint, sets semi solid in 1/2 hour, solid overnight, no water issues, great bonding, no cracking, light.

Interesting thought
Any advice as to where to get some? If I ever finish the kayak I’m working on, I might give it a try.

It’s called "sharing"

For clarification
This thread will fill you in on what this thread is about…