Endurance Races


Looking for more endurance races, I have done the Yukon River Quest and the MR340. Is there any other races out there 200 miles plus.

Check out the Water Tribes
Everglades Challenge.

Jack L

Watertribe, continued
NC Pamlico Challenge = 300 miles

Okumefest Challenge 2015 = 210 miles

As mentioned the Everglades Challenge 2015 = 300 miles

The Ultimate Florida Challenge 2015 = 1200 miles + 40 mile portage.

See you in NC.


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



Race to Alaska

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750 miles

Texas Water Safari
260 miles

how have you done
Those races and not know the other ones?

Yukon 1000

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You say you have done the YRQ, but how about the Yukon 1000? Like the YRQ it begins in Whitehorse, but at the YRQ finish line at Dawson you are less than half way to the Y1K finish at the Dalton Highway bridge many hundreds of miles away in Alaska.


Do not expect the Y1K to be a repeat of the YRQ, it is quite a different race. I have done each race twice, with more yet to come. I do prefer the 1000 as it offers me a greater adventure.

Planning, logistics, strategy, and execution for the Y1K are much different than what you may have done for the YRQ. Outside assistance is not allowed until the finish... no pit crew help is allowed along the way unless you exit the race, and there are no safety boats stationed as there are in the YRQ. Flip over on the Five Fingers Rapids and you are on your own. The river character also changes considerably when you go down river below Dawson and you will have a much different experience, especially when navigating the Flats. If you are fast, figure on 6-7 days. If you are not so fast... well...

The oldest one in the county is the Ausable River Canoe Marathon in Michigan. $50,000.00 in Prizes and part of the triple crown of north american marathon canoe racing along with the Le Classique in Canada and General Clinton Race in NY. N. Americas top paddlers in this race.


The Texas Water Safari about 260 miles.


Race To Alaska— $10,000 for first place!


Every four years is the Yukon River 1000-Miler associated via the Yukon River Quest.

Florida Water Tribe Everglades Challege-- They have several races from 300 miles to 1200 miles:http://www.watertribe.com/events/evergladeschallenge/

Y1K even years

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The Yukon 1000 mile canoe race is now held every second year in July, not every four years. The Yukon River Quest is an annual event, held in June. There is no direct connection between the annual YRQ and the Y1K, other than one principal director who serves both, and both races start in Whitehorse. Otherwise they are quite different races in many respects.

The first Y1K was held in 2009. Then again in 2010, 2011, 2012. Lack of participants in 2012 led to the decision to hold the race every second year. The 2014 race just completed... next one will be in July 2016.

I paddled the Y1K in 2009 and 2011, planning to return in 2016. I paddled the YRQ in 2008 and 2013, hoping to be back in 2015.

Appreciate the responses, the race to Alaska looks like a possibility, just need to investigate this one.

As always I should be a little more specific. interested in any races 200 miles plus that I can do in a solo kayak.

(First year doing these races just looking for my next fix)

The Yukon 1000 is a great race but need a buddy to do that with.

I have heard of the water tribe and Texas safari but being from land locked Calgary getting down to those races is a challenge in itself.

Thanks again for the great suggestions