Enjoy the season and relax


Now that’s a desirable state. Perhaps after the holidays?

A rare moment for that breed :nerd_face:


A Labradoodle?


Many birds - flock of birds
Many whales - pod of whales

Many doodles - goof of doodles

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We have Polly (Aussiedoodle) for Christmas. It worked out pretty well for her.

Yesterday I had to watch Marley too. 8 month old St Bernadoodle (St Bernard and Std poodle mix) Marley is strong.

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I just applied for a rescue Labradoodle at our poodle rescue site. Honey needs a canine companion.
I got an immediate standard reply that demand exceeds normal by 3x.


Boomer, the Maltie-Poo whom I serve, suggests we “paws” what we’re doing this time of year, and just relax. I’m all fur it.

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