Enlightened Kayak Company?

Anyone have any experience with the Enlightened Kayak (current paddling.net registration drawing prize)? Checked out their website, appears to be a new company with one 16’ kayak, interesting ideas, but I can’t find any feedback or test paddles.

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If you read reviews for QCC Q400 and Q500 (The Enlightened boat is from same designer and in between these in dimensions) - but imagine them in thermoformed plastic instead of Glass/Kevlar/carbon layups - with the other features they mention on their site - you should be able to get some idea what it’s like.

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Sencond is not very informative, but might give you fair warning of how threads can go awry.

Closer to Swift’s Bering Sea?
Probably closer to Swift’s Bering Sea model (15’10" x 23.5") which I have been paddling since July and really enjoy.



enlightened kayak
i just rec. my T16 in good conditions-it was empressive. I paddled i last sunday on caddo lake in La. It was calm with some boat waves. It glides straight as a arrow and was rock solid. The seat was comfortable and I had room for my 230Lbs frame and size 12 feet. I felt comfortable enough to look arround and not worry about taking a dunking in cold water. This is a extremmely light and stable kayak at 49lbs. I love it so far and would recommend it for people in the 200lbs range. I do not have a rudder – but I do not need one for paddling lakes, bayou’s or the red river. The owner Mike seems to be a straight shooter and the impression I got was he would suggest you get a different boat if he didnt think you would be happy with the T16. By the way–you can paddle the T16 for 30 days and if you dont like it you can return it and get your hard earned $$$ back. (Not bad) I will post more info. as I get more paddle time. I’m doing this because there is not alot of info. on the T16.