Enlightened Kayaks

There haven’t been any recent posts about Enlightened Kayaks. I’m curious how owners feel about them now that you’ve had more time to paddle them.




any Enlightened kayak owners out there?
just curious if anyone wants to shed some light on these kayaks

Don’t know much about them except
I’m told you can get them in any color you want, as long as it’s yellow. :slight_smile:

I asked why they didn’t have a color
chart on their web page…you’re right they only have yellow over white boats. I admire the John Winters designs, I have two canoes that he designed. Easy paddling boats. Did you get your Prijon Motion?

No, still don’t have the Motion
and still want it. Maybe this fall…

Tried a Catalina and I liked it a lot but it was a little snug for my liking. Some find it tippy but I did fine with that part. Fast kayak.

I think the Motion will fit me better, be a tad more stable (important for winter paddling) and fit more gear for camping trips, although it won’t be as fast unless I get the red. hehe

Life’s a trade-off. :slight_smile:

I went ahead and ordered the yellow
I kind of like the yellow Enlightened Kayak so I went ahead and ordered one. Everything I can find about them is good, and I’m a fan of the designer John Winters.

I like the Prijon boats, too, just a little heavy. I have the Combi 359. I like the seat and thigh pads and little front deck hatch.

After you get some time in it
Make sure to post a review.

the Combi! I’d love to demo that one, although I am not in the market for a rec or ww kayak right now. It does look interesting though.

Yes, as wkerrigan suggested, please post a review when you’ve had some “butt time” in it!