Entry level GPS

Greeting. New to kayaking, been boating 55 years. We have a 34’ sailboat with all the electronics.

We are now in FL for three months with two Loon 100s exploring rivers and creeks. I am considering a used eTrex 10. Might I be wasting my money.

I would like to see our track and follow it back.



Yes, it is a good starter GPS
My wife and I started many years ago with the first little yellow Garmin Etrex and wanted it just for what you want it for.

When you use it always keep an extra set of batteries with you, just in case!

I don’t know if the case is any better now then the older models, but after a year or so in the sun, the seal would dry out and they would be no longer water proof, so you might want to put it in a clear plastic pliable see through pouch.

Once you get proficient at it, you might want to get a higher end model where you can create maps and routes to follow, etc

They also have tides stations and lots more good navigational info

jack L

Look for refurbished
Look for a refurbished Garmin from a store not ebay. Why refurbished, it comes with the same one year warranty as a new one does. I have bought refurbed dakota 20 a Montana 600 and several nuvi car gps’s. I had some problems with some nuvis but Garmin replaced them no problem.

Now why not ebay. Garmin does not consider ebay or any auction site an official seller. I was told this by Garmin.

I found a refurbished Dakota 20 at Walmart online got it if I remember correctly for 140 that was a few years ago too. Now the gps will only have the base map on it which is pretty useless BUT you can still retrace your route fine but go to http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ for free maps, they have some for Florida. If you can find a etrex 20 it would be worth it over the 10.

Used locallly inexpensive
Thanks - I have all the high tech new stuff up north at home. I thought for $40.00 it might be fun to have along.

Cheers all.


oh yes then
For forty bucks get it and get some free maps off the website i posted.

Maps for eTrex 10
Not sure, but from what I have read I don’t think the 10 supports maps. Be cool if it did. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

Etrex 20 or 30 for maps
Maps are a great feature in GPS units. They allow you to visually compare a paper map to the electronic map to give your location. Many people carry maps, but after a while have no idea where they are. When used together you will become better a map reader.


app for cell phone works great

Thanks all - bought it
Thank you for all the replies - I bought it and it is just what I need for the low level stuff we are doing.


Good !
Now the fun begins

Jack L

Sounds good
I am pretty happy with my eTrex 20

They are tough to get used to when you are used to apps on your smart phone but they get the job done once you figure it out.