Entry Level Long Distance Wing Paddle

I have a few trips coming up and need a spare paddle. I use a GP exclusively but thinking there must be a wing paddle built for distance. (40 miles then 100 miles)

Any suggestions? Please

Epic Small Mid-Wing
I use a GP for long expeditions and general paddling (including very nasty conditions) but sometimes use the Epic small mid-wing for fast touring. I use an Epic mid-wing for racing. There is more overlap between GP/wing than most people give credit for (after all the GP IS a form of wing paddle IMO). You will give up some blended strokes with wings as they don’t permit as large a repertoire of strokes as more symmetrical paddle designs but a good paddler can manage.

Greg Stamer

To use a wing for distance…
… you’d need to train with a wing for distance.

If we’re talking sea kayak - I’d suggest a smaller blade and/or a more parallel edge style. If you really want a wing, optimized fro your personal situation, call Pat at ONNO.

Another option would be an Aleutian paddle, with a design a bit more optimized for forward cruising than GP, or something like the GP/Aleut/Wing hybrid I’ve come up with that has grip as wide as EP/wing paddle works with a wing stroke, but has softer/and is easier on you (but easier to be sloppy with as well, and rewards more in terms of ease/speed with attention to this).

Currently the hybrid is my favorite, closely followed by the Aleut - but I still typically have a GP along and overall have a lot more miles on them so far.

GP is really pretty great for longer paddles, and IS a wing in it’s own way. Good point above about not making big gear changes right before some big trip too.

Stroke differences between all these are what matter most - and why it’s generally more about training and familiarity. having a couple different paddles along can be used to great advantage. If I push to hard with wing stroke and tweak something I’ll switch to the Aleut or GP for a while.

I second talking to Pat at ONNO
Some thoughts if I may.

A wing is made for a high angle stroke, and speed.

Will you be able to keep that type stroke up for the distances that you are talking about?

I have A Epic Mid wing and the year before last got a ONNO small wing.

For the longer races the small ONNO is a sweet paddle.




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you could get another GP with less 'bite'. Very nice for headwind or if you just want to change your cadence. Works well for me on very long days.

Hey... ask Recluse if you can try the "Ginger factory reject" paddle. You won't want to give it back. It's the paddle I want for a long trip.

True on the second GP
but sea king an alternative just in case the Lump Meister doesn’t have my spare ready in time.

smaller Lendal Kinetik Wing
I have used all the various makes and sizes of wing paddles and finally after asking for help here got the Lendal Kenetik Wing S, the smaller version (S is for smaller.

I used it in both bent and straight shaft. It is heavier than the others, Onno being really light.

I must say I have come to love it. The weight really does not seem to matter as the blade has so much float in it that it feels effortless much of the time.

It is almost as versatile as my Werner Ikelos. I can do most any stroke with it, even sculling if careful. Bracing, rolling, and directional control are all good.

I agree with other posters that in addition to the efficiency of a wing that there is merit in using more than one type of paddle for distance as their is different muscle recruitment involved.

This paddle allows mid and even low stroke angle not just high to work well, so I find that in really rough water the rising nature of the wing really lends itself to support as I paddle forward. Thus in rough stuff I can really lay into it and get forward power and support at the same time.

This paddle is not for everyone, but it is worth considering.