Envoy 106 on a rough river?

Curious if a lifetime envoy 106 tandem kayak will be okay in a bit of rough water down a river? I don’t know much about kayaking but the price is right and wondering if they’ll do okay?

Welcome. I would say very, very little "rough"water if you have no experience. That boat is not really designed for anything more challenging than slow moving or sheltered water.

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Perhaps if you say what and where the water is?

Boats intended for white stuff are made of material that is well designed to run into rocks, with thickened areas on the mold. This boat is not in that category, impact resistant is not the same thing as the standard white water boats need to meet.

This is aside from questions about what kind of water you may know how to paddle well. It is quite common for people to underestimate what it is like being in even class 2 stretches.

Glad you came here. You may get better answers with a little more information on your intended paddling location.

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Rough water with exposed rocks & ledges, or just standing waves?

With a wide flat bottom the boat will tip and you probably will fall off when you hit rocks.

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The planned location is Buffalo river Arkansas somewhere around Buffalo point. Not sure if that helps but I’ll contact the kayak place and ask about the route conditions then get back here.