EPI Epitour ?

After searching the reviews … and messages (only a mention from Sing re: the EpiSea …)

Has anyone any tried the Epitour from EPI kayaks ?

Here’s the link:


I’m a smaller paddler looking for a longer 'yak (currently own a Manitou 13) 5’4", 115lbs. I love my Manitou, but it doesn’t have a front bulkhead – and the Epitour is dirt cheap ($550 before shipping). It’s kinda wide though (25"), it’s as wide as my Necky. Is it worth it to add to my poly fleet? I might have to pick this up for myself - give the Manitou to the girlfriend and sell off my rec. tubs -

and save my pennies for a real touring 'yak like a poly Prijon …

thoughts ?


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Have you looked at their Episea model. At your height and weight that boat might work and would be a hull with some real performance characteristcs.


Contact them and they probably will be able to tell you whether it will work for your size and future needs. Bow airbags can work just fine.

Thanks …
I found some others using the Episea … and I think it’s perfect for me. The 20" beam would be a step up and suit me for the future and force me to learn to balance and brace (with some outfitting).

Word of advice

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If your boat is going to be stored in an area that rodents such as squirrels, mice etc. can access, remove the bow air bag and store it elsewhere as they are known to chew holes in them. Has happened to both myself and my brother.

Episea is 4 me

Just got back from my first paddle with the Episea (14’x20" @ 36lbs for a rotomold? crazy!). Going from my Manitou 13x25" to the narrow beam was admittedly tippy at first, but after 10-15 minutes I was puttin’ it on edge to turn and it glides great. Night and day.

Marshall from the River Connection hooked me up with my yellow Episea. I’m glad I decided to go with the kids’/small adult kayak. I think I’m the perfect weight or at least on the upper end of the weight limit (110lbs). I padded out the seat and will work on forming the thigh and knee braces and also added a nice seat back thanks to Marshall’s recommedation.

I’m looking forward to learning how to brace and roll.