epic 16x or 18xsport


i own a v10s surfski and i want to purchase a more stable kayak for day trip, taking pictures or when the sea is more confused

is there a big differences between epic 16x and 18xsport in stability?what about speed difference?

should i buy the new rudder( or up gradded an old one) or the old rudder is ok.

thanks for your help

Check Epic’s website
I personally think the 16 is much easier to paddle (turn, stability, etc.). The difference in speed is negligible according to Greg Barton (see article on Epic’s website).

Twice I demo’s the 16x, 18x and 18 back to back to back and was convinced the 16x was just much more fun because it was just “easy” to paddle.

So now, I own a 16x…along with a WS Tempest 170, and Dagger Alchemy (S).

Bill G.

Charlotte, NC, formerly Mt. Pleasant, SC

epic 16x and 18xsport
thanks bill

what about stability? did you find the 16x a lot more stable than the 18x sport?

How big are you?
If you are big and more importantly tall with long legs you may find the shorter overall cockpit with less leg room on the 16 a problem.

2’ difference is not negligible. If going at a relaxed pace, the 16 will be easier to paddle. If you want a surf ski-like handling downwind, then the 18x Sport with the new rudder is the way to go.

I saw your post on surf ski.info and the replies - people tend to mix-up the 18x and the 18x Sport - the Sport is more stable with a bit more room than the regular 18x and is a smidgen slower and harder to move at top speed. I don’t fit in any of the Epic kayaks due to large feet on long legs so have only paddled them for short periods of time. In terms of stability, the 18x Sport is more stable than the V10 Sport (which I have) - but folks who have not developed a good instinctive brace still tend to go over in the 18x Sport in choppy waters and “practice” self-rescues where at the same time I would not have problems in the V10 Sport, so it’s relative…

epic 16x and 18xsport
thanks kocho !

i’m 1.83m tall and not to heavy 75kg so i think i’d fit both.

i haven’t still hit “the wall” with the v10s on flat water ;i’ll keep it for fitness or downwind.

the new one will be for day trip or when the sea is a bit confused(a bit because where i leave, near mediteranean sea, big chop is not the rule).

at relaxed pace, if it would be easier in the 16x,i should buy it


If we are to believe Greg Barton
… Then at low speeds the 18x and the 16x are almost as easy to paddle…


But his “intermediate” level paddler can propel the V10 Sport at 7.5 miles per hour for 6 miles if my math is right…That’s very fast! No wonder that same person would find the two kayaks nearly identical at lower speeds … Not sure how that translates to us mortals (his intermediate is a mid-packer at an international level who is heaps stronger than most “advanced” paddlers online -;). )

epic 16x
yes, i’m a bit surprised too by the speed announced by g.barton.in the other hand, until i don’t manage to go at 11.4 km/h(7 mph) in my v10s, i won’t buy a v12!