Epic 16X

Has anyone paddled this boat with a decent load in it? The rated capacity is 335lbs but I wonder how it will do with about 275lbs of paddler and gear in it? Still quick enough?

After lifting my wife’s 30lb skin boat on and off the truck for a bit now the idea of a light weight/shorter boat is sounding pretty appealing.

I found a great detailed review here but the tester is much lighter than I: http://home.tiscali.nl/~bahefa30/tests/16x/16x.html

Any opinions?

Also look at 18x Sport
If you like the 16x and are a big guy, consider the 18x sport with 380 lbs capacity. The performance layup is 43 pounds (only 2 pounds more than the 16x). If you want speed, the added length and capacity will be a plus.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just loaded my Delta 18.5 onto my truck for the first time this year and was reminded how big it is. The weight isn’t too bad but it’s just large. The weight on the 18x is very impressive for an 18 footer but it would just be nice to have something smaller if possible.

What size are you?
I’m 5’6" an 160 lbs and my Epic Touring Cruiser fits me great and is very lively and maneuverable wit no load and try rudder NOT deployed. I’ve never had a load in it -just day paddling.

Very efficient.

Larger size
I’m 6’2 and 270, size 11. I realize I might be a little on the heavy side for this boat but thought I would ask anyway. You never know who’ll answer.

I currently paddle a Scorpio and the previously mentioned Delta. For the Scorpio I am at the max suggested weight and it paddles ok (if a little low).

You won’t fit in an Epic 16X.
You’re much too big for it.

Well that’s a little disappointing. The dealer I phoned yesterday only had a 18xs in the demo line so finding one would have been tough anyway.