Epic 18 owners!!!

Anybody have the Epic 18 with the Smart Trac rudder. Do you have any good pictures of how the rudder is mounted? On the epics web site the pics are kinda small. From what I can gather the mount is just like the one on my QCC… but others on P-net said the 18 has a wedge faring thing on the top deck that’s its mounted to??

Epic 18
The Epic was purpose built to carry the Smart Track Rudder. The stern of the boat is actually raised up and is squared at the leading end/edge to give the rudder mount a flat and level section to attach to and by raising the stern the rudder housing is kept out of the water. It is a very clean and thought out design. My QCC uses bushings to keep the rudder perpendicular to the water. I asked QCC to raise the rudder mount as high as they could on the stern. It rides out of the water at about the same height as the Epic. I have pictures of the boat. If you’ll email me your email address, I’ll send you some pictures of the QCC 700 and Epic side by side. I hope that is helpful.


I’ll post Franklin’s pictures
Actually, already did - waiting on webshots to update for the right link. I’ll start a new Epic18/Q700 comparison thread and post it there.

Thanks for the Info!!
Thanks again everybody