Anyone have any experience with the improved Epic boats? Specifically, the 18 X which is listed on their website as an upgrade to the Touring Endurance 18.



i’ve emailed Epic, no response
i have no idea how the Endurance and the X differ and so far, ain’t getting any closer to finding out.

i will say this, it is a small persons kayak. there’s one in our store and i can’t even come close to getting in it.

I weighed 250 last tiem I was in an

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epic endurance 18 and I have big thighs. Fit a touch tight but not as tight as an explorer.

The 18 x is fast, rudder dependant and a bit more tender than the 18

Epic 18X features
Compared to the current 18, the 18X is slightly wider above the waterline and accomodates a larger person. Somewhat less primary stability, but more secondary stability, slightly longer waterline, and less bow rocker (should be faster). Foot bracing spans full width of hull, toe pedal steering, adjustable (sliding) seat, integrated rudder in stern. Final version may allow rudder to be locked in neural position and have a skeg like protrusion under hull that (hopefully) keeps the boat tracking straight in milder conditions.

Stop it I want one so bad
what will my buds do when I whor up with a rudderd boat? When they start putting a day hatch in those boats I am going to be seriously tempted.

I forgot to mention the dayhatch
Yea, there was one, at least on the prototype. The boat was very light too, definitely in the low 40 lb range for the standard (gel coated) layup. Since the stern IS the rudder, if you can lock it in neutral position, it’s like not having a rudder til you want it. The old Dagger Baja had a similar arrangement; so does the Mirage except the Mirage doesn’t lock up in neutral. I don’t really know how well it works or holds up over time. And, it was modified since I paddled it.

I’m not fond of rudders either. I stripped my own Epic 18, put in a foam seat, full-width foot brace, and fixed fins under the hull for better tracking/balance, and to minimize side-slip in the wind. Got rid of 6 ugly pounds in the process.