Epic 18x or v8 speed

i read the epic speed comparison chart just to see difference in boat speeds but wonder how accurate the list is for intermediate paddlers speed of doing over 11.5 kmph for almost 1 hr paddle is there anyone out there who knows guys who can achieve these speeds in the 18x or v8

This chart is just an impression and doesn’t say how long you can achieve those speeds?
For the V5 it seems realistic for about 15 minutes or so for me in the 14X
but I haven’t really measured my speeds :thinking:
The downwind speed is probably accurate though for the V5 (14X) in my experience.

The Epic 18x and the V8 share the same hull. The only difference is the rudder, so having the same speed is correct.

Speed is calculated as hull speed, what deck is on it is irrelevant.

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The rudder on the V8 is probably more efficient than on the 18X.
The speed is not calculated as hull speed because they are a bit higher than that.

decks have some effects but miniscule compared to the hull is my guess.