Epic 18X Rudder Fix

So I was using the Epic 18X at my club today and when I took it out the right side of my rudder kind of just snapped back and got stuck in place. The actual rudder wire didn’t snap I don’t think because when I took a look at it on land, I was able to give a tug on the right wire and the right plate moved with it, but when I let go of the wire, the plate would just drop by itself whereas it used to stay up. I am not too keen on actual repairs and I had to run so I didn’t really take a deeper look. Do you guys think that I just have to to tighten the existing wire or would it need a full replacement?

Unfortunately it’s the one item that you can’t fix on an Epic… it’s toast…
Best you can do for it is ship it to the Keys and we’ll dispose of it very environmentally…

Or call Epic send some pics… Good luck
OTOH I’m sure someone at the club can fix it in a flash…

I have an 18x, possibly with a different rudder (it changed this year), and can’t tell from the description what is wrong. A pic would help.

The only way you can have that much rudder line in the cockpit is if the line broke or came off the rudder spreader bar. The rudder line runs through orange tubing inside the hull and is simply tied to the rudder spreader bar. (You can examine this if you unscrew the small white rudder access plate on top of the kayak near the stern).

It’s usually an easy repair, although getting new rudder line into place can sometimes be challenging.

Manual for the older 18x:

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You’re mean. I like you.

Yes, you have a broken cable. I have had it happen on every boat I have a rudder on.

The Epic just looks harder. Go to a marine hardware and get 36 feet of stainless cable, four of the donuts, and eight cable clamps to fit that cable.

Go home, drop the rudder using the access port. Cut the other cable and replace them.

Or, take it to an Epic dealer and let them do it.

Not cable, the original equipment is some kind of braided line.

One end may have simply come untied from the spreader. If it needs replacement I would look for Spectra (doesn’t stretch), aka Dyneema or something similar of the same diameter. If you contact the mfg they will tell you what to use, and may very well supply it for free.

Thanks for the link
I didn’t know there was such a document.
I wish all manufacturers would supply a ‘users manual’ for their product - especially ones with rudders or skegs.
Even if I don’t need it for myself (ie: no problems), it will be nice to pass along when I sell my 18X.

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If you want input please remove the round rudder access hatch ( on top of the kayak near the stern ) and provide a photo. It’s possible that someone failed to tie the ( braided dyneema line ) properly to the spreader bar on the right side, and it slipped off, or it it has never been maintained and the aluminum spreader bar could be badly corroded and the line severed.

If the line didn’t break and you can re-use the line, you will need to push heavy fishing line or similar into the rudder tube ( at the stern, in the rudder access hatch) until it reaches the cockpit, tie/glue to the existing rudder cable and carefully pull it back out and tie it securely to the spreader bar.
You can find videos on how to do this:

Do NOT use stainless steel cable for a repair. Contact Epic and obtain replacement rudder line of the correct diameter. Dyneema is stronger than steel, is supple, and you can simply tie it off to the spreader bar without special fittings.

It’s not difficult to fix, but if you don’t want to tackle it, take it to your nearest Epic dealer.

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