epic 18x vs simon river sport Lazer

I have been paddling the epic 18x for three years now and has been an enjoyable training kayak.we have a big race in Timmins Ontario every year. and now I see simon river sport Lazer kayak can be modified with bulkhead and storage compartment to meet our rules.does anyone have experience with these two kayaks ,difference in speed over a 10km race

No experience
I have no experience with the Laser but after looking at the pics and specs I’d say it would be faster than the 18x but also much tippier. Pretty much anyone can jump into an 18x. I don’t think that will be the case with the Laser.

I used to paddle a WSBS Thunderbolt and there was a huge gulf in terms of stability between that and the Epic 18x. Much more so than the difference between a standard 24" sea kayak and the 18x. I got to where I felt very comfortable in the boat and then I tried a WSBS Javeline, which the owner said had a stability rating of 5, similar to the Laser you’re looking at.

That was tippier yet and within 100 yards I was in the water. He took my Thunderbolt for a paddle and thought it was extremely stable and said speed between the two felt similar to him.

If you want a boat strictly for training/racing it might fit the bill. I don’t think you’ll be taking it for leisurely paddles though. Not saying it’s not a good boat, I just don’t know what you’re looking for or expecting.

Personally I’d be looking for a ski since the penalty for tipping is much less severe.


Speed will also depend on your experience level and how much time you’re willing to put in. If you’re not getting out a couple times/week for real training sessions (at least an hour of race pace effort) then it doesn’t matter so much what you’re paddling. There won’t be a very big speed difference. But the nice thing about faster boats is that if you’re willing to put in the time and effort you’ll be rewarded with more speed.

I went from a QCC 600x to the WSBS Thunderbolt and was extremely disappointed in the speed increase at first. After about 1 1/2 years of what I thought was pretty hard training I doubt I was even a middle of the pack paddler, but I was much faster than when I started. Even though the Javeline I mentioned in my first post had the same speed potential as my Thunderbolt the guy paddling it absolutely trounced me in the race we were at. I don’t know how far ahead of me he finished because I was nowhere close to seeing him.

From the Thunderbolt I downgraded to an 18x and then a V8 as I got away from racing. They are certainly slower boats but not dramatically so for the level of paddler that I was. I still paddle a few times/week but not as hard so I’m a bit out of shape. The paddler I used to be in an 18x could easily beat the paddler I am now in a Thunderbolt.

For reference when I first started getting into racing 6 miles in my QCC 600x was a 5.3 mph average. Moving to the Thunderbolt brought that average up to to 5.7 mph. About 1 1/2 years later I’d worked it up to 6.7 in the Thunderbolt and the QCC, which I thought I was maxing out at 5.3 was up to just a hair under 6mph. Going from the Thunderbolt to the 18x dropped that average down to around 6.3-6.4mph.


epic 18x vs simon river sport Lazer
thanks Alan

that is about the same speed I am reaching in my 18 x

average in training is 6.4 to 6.7mph depending on wind and that is for 10 miles. I do train 3 to 4 times a week.and also have the qcc 700x for the old lady and really like that boat specially if the wind is very strong.how mutch faster would you think once I get use to it , are we talking only .1 or.2 mph or more like 1 mph

Trainer K1

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...true be told, you're the only one who can answer that question. Boats are not like racing cars; people win/lose races not boats :)

Anyway, personally, I would be much faster in a trainer k1 than in a seakayak/18x due to:

a) the cockpit profile and narrower hull @ the catch in a trainer k1 are more conductive of a proper form than a seakayak
b) the trainer even in a glass layout would be lighter than a 18x

Warning: I am very bias on this topic. Icf-k1's for rivers and small lakes and skis for the ocean or very big waters, so don't listen to me :D

Not sure
From what you say you’re obviously in good shape and have good paddling technique and you get out on the water enough to make it worth while. I’m not sure just how much faster you’d be but at your level I’d expect it to be considerably faster. Perhaps not right off the bat while you’re getting used to the balance. If you’re spending that much time in the boat I’d think you’d feel fairly comfortable in it after a few weeks.

Are there any faster boats up there you could try out? Something like an Epic V10, if someone around there has one you can try, should give you an idea of speed and stability.


epic 18x vs simon river sport Lazer
thanks a lot guys ,there is no faster race boats in my town,well maybe a seda glider but that is not close to the srs lazer,i paddle mostly rivers and the biggest wave would be 1 foot to 16" hight