Epic Customer service from Epic Boardspo

I recently purchased an Inflatable Starboard SUP from Epic-Boardsports.com, I received it by Fedex promptly and took it out for a river wave session the next morning and had a blast, after riding several other brands this particular board seemed to be the best choice for both river and ocean wave surfing "for me". My stoke was short lived when after 45 minutes I felt like I was really tired before realizing the board was deflating from a small seam leak. I contacted Epic boardsports and Jonathan had me file a warranty claim with Vicky at Trident Sports. The following responses from both of them and great care in assuring me were impressive, I asked many questions and had concerns all of which were responded to with kindness, patience's and respect. the short of it is after just a couple days there is a new, one year model newer board on its way.
Every manufacturer will have a defect slip past quality control at some point however this type of customer support is almost non existent these days in my 60 years experience, I highly recommend the Starboard Brand, Epic Boardsports and Trident Sports , they will be my first choice when shopping in the future.
Denise Eckert