Epic Kayak Transportation System

First and foremost: I am an Epic Expert from North Carolina. I have paddled surfskis and kayaks for 23 years in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina, and tried every imaginable method of hauling hulls to and from the water. I wanted a vehicle that I could change into drysuits during the winter, and carry all of my toys in the summer. The following video is my personal solution:


Does it work for other brands?

Epic Kayaks Transportation System
The Kargo Master Roof Racks are designed to fit a variety of vehicles. You would need to modify my stirrup design to fit your kayak’s hull shape. I am not a manufacturer or distributor. I am just a paddler who likes to make his own toys.

Great idea for vans
I like it. It’s a great solution for high van roofs. Well done!

Nice adaptation
I’m still going with my KariTek ELRR1300 + Thule Hullaport PRO on an old Land Cruiser. Same but different.

I like the van. Have to see if there’s a tricked out RV version of it.

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY