Epic Length Lock

Does anyone have any experience with this option on the epic paddles? Seems like it would be a good choice, if one is not sure of length,(within 10cm), or feather angle. Also, would be a good selling point upon resale, if necessary. I am concerned over the quality of function over time, and if it holds length and angle sufficiently.

great, but…
I own 4 Epic length lock paddles, Active tour, relaxed tour, and wing. While I can give a hearty endorsement, there are a coupe of warnings.

Theoretically, this is a stronger design. No pushbutton holes, and a greater joint overlap. I have broken one, a wing on it’s maiden voyage, but it was promptly delt with under warranty. BTW, I am hard on paddles, as my favorite venue is surf zone and rock gardens.

The warning is to occasionally take them apart and clean the ferrules. When used in other than clean water, silt can get down in there and really freeze it up. Takes two people to get them apart. Haven’t had any problem since I started said maintainance.

One more advantage- two of the paddles are technically my wife’s… but after trying her smaller blade, I find I borrow it frequently. And she still likes to use the big blade (hers? mine?) in some conditions.


Love t

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No problem. Do not tighten the nut as if it were a test of strength. Get the lubricant from epic; rinse after salt water; use dissassemble every day in long trips.

another happy paddler!
We switched to 2 epic length locks form our entry level paddles. Very pleased with them! We were also unsure about the exact length to accomodate different kayaks and paddling styles, so the variable length seemed very worhtwhile. I have the active touring, wife has relaxed touring. It has made a tremendous difference in her paddling-no more joint pain and increased endurance. All the advice about getting a good paddle is true!

We got “blems” direct from epic and saved $80 each. Blems are nothing you can notice without careful closeup inspection.

The included paddle bags are nice too.

A Karl Wannabe
My wife and I both paddle with Epic length lock paddles and love them. We bought them on the recommendation of Karl (previously responded to this post). He’s one of the elite paddlers in our region and I figured if he endorses the paddle it’s worth a look.

We bought them about a year ago and love them. In fact, I’m getting ready to place an order for my second one (will be our third).

I have the “relaxed” blade and last weekend tried a friends “active” blade and loved it. I’ll probably buy an active blade but have no intention on selling the relaxed one ;-).

There is one minor “down side”. I use plastic plumbing pipe to mount the spare paddle to my deck. I found that the “length lock” system is too big (diameter) to fit into the pipes :frowning:


Love it
I doubt I want to get a paddle without it.



Oh, oh…
It looks like I am the only one that would not buy one.

My wife has had one for the past three years, and just this past year, it is to the point where we almost have to put a pair of channel locks on it to get it tight enough and then to loosen it.

I have there normal two piece one and am glad I didn’t get the length lock.



Thanks for all your input. Looks like maintenance is the key, as it is with most things.

I will definitely get the lock feature.

Very happy with my Epics
I have two Epic Active Touring Length locks. I have a fairly upright stroke so spec mine at 210-220. I believe the “standard” length is 215-225. So far I have found that I change the feather angle more often than the length. I rinse and disassemble after each use.

Safe Paddling,