Epic Length-Lock

Does anyone have anything negative to say about Epic’s length-lock setup? Both my current Epics are one-piece. I’m inclined to go with the length-lock for the next one (need another wing to get my wife on the water) but thought I’d check first to see if anyone has any cautions to offer.

I like mine alot
Just don’t overtighten it, makes it very hard to take apart later.

KEEP IT CLEAN. I take mine apart and clean it after each use and wipe it off again on my shirt before I put it together and it works great.

I love mine though
sometimes I have cranked it down too hard.

I think they are great.
My wife has the touring length-lock and I have a wing length- lock.

When you order it you might want to get some of the special lubricant they have also.

They will give you instructions on where and where not to put it.

The length lock was great for me when I got my wing since it allowed me to experiment by adjusting both the feather and the length, until I came up with the best combo.



Don’t tighten too tight
I love mine. My shaft is pretty beat. That beautiful translucent color is just a very thin coating and if you’re not careful…it will scrape off! Get the mid wing and you’ll never use another paddle again. Franklin

On my third Epic mid since 2000. I kept my adj. as a one piece & didn’t possibly think I could have any grit in the treads (never floated). Man was I wrong! Barton was quick to the rescue and no more shrinking. If you wipeout both the nut & threads at regular intervals, you should be fine. I need to only hand tighten the nut. A major plus was when the adj. made it possible for me to drive to a race in a tiny car when my Jeep broke down.

Love mine
The ability to adjust length and feather is great!

Be certain to take it apart when not in use and clean to threads from time to time.

Thanks, all
Sounds like length-lock is the way to go next time.